Changing Genre

Since I have started writing I have always tried to do something that kept people’s interest. After publishing my first short story, a romance. I have not had any luck getting anything else liked, my inspirational story fell flat. It was a sweet story and it was turned down by a sweet story publisher.
Well its time to back up and regroup. Thinking about it I have quit fighting  what my oldest stepson wants me to do. Finish a story of creepiness, mayhem, and general horror. You see I started a story a while back and I wrote out the most interesting character. Well I trashed the while story. Can we say Borrrrreing, a complete snooze fest. But the one character comes to visit regularly.
So I am finishing her story. She is a complete unmitigated psycho. Known as the killing Princess. I find I am having fun writing again. The title is at the moment known as the Red Haze.
So changing genres may be the best thing I can do
She isn’t a inspirational story but it maybe something that you read with the lights on.

How does one meet mentors and friends in new genres

I am changing genres. Not just romance to erotic romance or paranormal. I am changing from romance to thriller, psychological.
Eventually, I intend to join the
International Thrill Writers organization.
In the mean time, are the people who would like to get together and talk to a newbie?
Is there a way to talk to people who are interested in these genres before joining?
If there is please contact me a by leaving a comment. I would love to talk to you.
It would be so nice to talk to people who Don’t get a glazed look on their face when I mention the current murder my character is completing.

Gwyn Weyant

In recent months…( partial idea for story)

I have began to believe the hype in recent months that I was told, “You are a talentless, nobody.”
The subject came up in the rejection I got from a very bad contest I entered. The review nearly destroyed any hope I had for writing career.

Okay so maybe I am not a multi published author, and maybe I never will be. But I am not a talentless nobody. I have worked hard at my craft, learning, studying and be told that my ideas have no merit.

Well excuse me, but that’s saying the sun has no heat, the rain isn’t wet.
I have feelings, I know that my ideas have merit even if the judge doesn’t.
I believe in myself. I don’t need a judge to tell me that. That judge is the no talent nobody, who can’t write and is a jealous harlot who wouldn’t know talent if it bit her. You see I know who the judge was and before the year is over  they will be on the receiving end of my wrath.

From the future story by Gwyn Weyant
“Talentless Nobody”