Grease Stains and Love Songs

book-grease-stainsReviews for Grease Stains and Love Songs

“ It has a great story line and is well written. ” Patsy |

“ I just finished reading Grease Stains & Love Songs. ” Sharon A. Lavy |

“ I don’t typically care for short stories- it doesn’t ever seem like the characters can get developed enough, but this book is an exception to that. ” Patty Fodge|

Format:Kindle Edition

“Grease Stains & Love Songs was an enjoyable journey Jessica makes to make her dream come true. Taught to stand up for her beliefs, she does so without dragging those down around her. A short read but a good plot and characters. Loved the topic, the characters and the romance! Sometimes a heart has to be broken to be able to love again.”

By Beverly O.

Format:Kindle Edition

“I just finished reading Grease Stains & Love Songs. Gwyn Weyant has done a masterful job of storytelling and this short story was a powerful read.

Jessica Wells thought she had buried her hurts deep. She thought she had figured out how to survive and keep her secrets hidden by staying in the background. But she came undone when she realized she couldn’t keep them hidden from Joe Morris.

To find out how it all works out … read the book!”|  By Sharon A. Lavy

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

“Love stories are not my norm for reading pleasure, but it was a good story line. I like to read but really have no time to as much as I would like. Especially like that it was a short story, allowing me time to finish in only two evenings.”|By Barb Ellington

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“This is a very enjoyable Story! I recommend it” Suzie Sterling

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