Friend’s In need of editing or a critique?

If you need a critique  or a line edit. Michelle Sutton published author does it all. Published author  of novels, member of American Christian Fiction Writer’s this lady is a wonderful wealth of knowledge. She is on face book and Twitter so don’t hesitate to contact her. She is helping me right now and is very reasonable on price.

Death Fire 13

Josh and I hit the diner for dinner. A small local place that served the best food in town. Designed in the fifties with red and white checked table clothes cokes and juke box. So retro you could almost see the bobbersoxers, poodle skirts, and t-shirts with the cigs rolled up in the sleeves. Come to think of it that pretty much summed up the clientele of Rennie’s. Poodle skirts had been replaced by jeans for nearly everyone.
“Okay I have some questions?”Josh looked at me as if I had just said, I wanted to slit his throat.
Sighing “Go ahead.”
“Just which sister is your Mom? Imagene, Margaret, Ida, Lorraine, Roberta, Nelda? I am excluding Ina since I know she was your aunt.” I leaned back in my seat.
He chuckled in a deep voice. He looked over his glass of sweet tea at me. His eyes laughing at me.
Looking at him. It hit me I could see his Mom in him.
It must have shown on my face. I don’t know if he realized by my reaction that I knew.
“You are Roberta’s son.” I blurted out.
“Yes Roberta or Bobby Sue as my Grandfather called her. She ran off shortly after I was born.”
Our food came and I found my appetite had vanished. In fact the food made my stomach queasy.
“Ella, do you know something about her?”
“She is probably the reason I went into medicine.”
It took a few minutes for him to inhale the food and to digest what I had said.
Finally he asked, “tell me every thing you know please.”

How does one meet mentors and friends in new genres

I am changing genres. Not just romance to erotic romance or paranormal. I am changing from romance to thriller, psychological.
Eventually, I intend to join the
International Thrill Writers organization.
In the mean time, are the people who would like to get together and talk to a newbie?
Is there a way to talk to people who are interested in these genres before joining?
If there is please contact me a by leaving a comment. I would love to talk to you.
It would be so nice to talk to people who Don’t get a glazed look on their face when I mention the current murder my character is completing.

Gwyn Weyant

In recent months…( partial idea for story)

I have began to believe the hype in recent months that I was told, “You are a talentless, nobody.”
The subject came up in the rejection I got from a very bad contest I entered. The review nearly destroyed any hope I had for writing career.

Okay so maybe I am not a multi published author, and maybe I never will be. But I am not a talentless nobody. I have worked hard at my craft, learning, studying and be told that my ideas have no merit.

Well excuse me, but that’s saying the sun has no heat, the rain isn’t wet.
I have feelings, I know that my ideas have merit even if the judge doesn’t.
I believe in myself. I don’t need a judge to tell me that. That judge is the no talent nobody, who can’t write and is a jealous harlot who wouldn’t know talent if it bit her. You see I know who the judge was and before the year is over  they will be on the receiving end of my wrath.

From the future story by Gwyn Weyant
“Talentless Nobody”

Confusion in writing reigns rampant

In recent months the last 24 months for me anyway I have been trying to take the advice of a very prominent writer. And the one thing that is being pushed is leave reader asking questions. Why does the character have so much fear or,anger? Why is she hanging around with the goofball friend? Why does she put up with the jerk of a boyfriend?
Yet when I do this I am  told that there are not enough answers because as one rejection letter put it. “This story has no merit in today’s society.”

Now I realize that wanting to make people care about your characters is the hardest thing you possibly do. 

But I have a question. Before you start putting stories in the rejection pile? Shouldn’t you actually read more than the first ten pages? Shouldn’t you actually read the story instead of skimming pages and then dumping it as no good?
I get a lot of rejection letters. But not one of the publishers and agents that have sent my rejection letter to me will ever convince me that they actually read the entire manuscript and gave it a fair chance.
All because I don’t have the two main characters at each others throats for the first hundred and fifty pages and then mauling each other the last quarter of the book.
Yes I believe there has to be conflict in a story. I don’t believe it has to be between the two main characters. What happened to a time when people worked together. Do not say its boring because everyday life is not boring and people do work together.
My story was too sweet for some publishers and then I was turned down by a sweet publisher.
I am beginning to think self publishing is the way to go.

Going away for the Holiday.

In recent months time away has come at a premium. I worked all but two weekends for two months. Well taking the plunge I quit my job on Friday. I went to work at a new company on Tuesday and then on Wed. Today..I worked my rear off.

I hauled tens loads today. That was more than I Had all last week.

I am leaving tomorrow for Missouri. Can’t hardley wait. Most of what I call family will be there. My sister and brother-in-law,their sons and daughter. My brothers wife and daughter not sure if brother is coming or not, he may be working. And an aunt.

So as we go into the Holiday let’s not forget why we have the wonderful day to party with friends. Let’s give Thanks for the men and women who gave us our freedom. May they come home safe.


Getting wrapped up in my writing.

I am in the middle of a story that deals with a woman’s anger Issues. Did not realize how wrapped I was until my best friend came home and I exploded at him. (Thankfully my better half is a loving and trusting soul.) He yells right back and we go on about our lives.

That’s when I realized I had that passionate for a character. It had been awhile since I have felt it.

How long has it been since you have not been able to turn off a character? Do yo have a character that gets to you?  It can be a new or old story. Something from the classics. Something from a new other tell me your thoughts. Maybe