Chapter 20 Death Fire

He carried the pressure  cooker of food into the shack bringing up the rear with a basket of bread and other goodies I was surprised on how much bigger the place on the inside actually was. The place had been built in a cavern that the walls were completely smooth from the winds. The original cavern was probably started hundreds of years earlier.  The sandstone made with the different layers of sand made for beautiful walls. The front wall covered a opening with a Sandstone wall.  You would never know it from the outside. The living room  was an area of about 20 by 20 had with a fireplace that had  a natural chimney. He  had  decorated in heavy wooded furniture that had rich chocolate brown microfiber cushions that you could sink into. The couch had a hand knitted ivory colored afghan tossed on it. The main focus of the room was the fireplace and stone hearth.
The kitchen had all the modern conveniences plus a wall of natural cabinets he had taken the crevices made them his pantry. A heavy wooden bar worked for a table and a place people could sit and talk as he worked in the kitchen. The lighting consisted of recessed can lighting. The effect was very pleasing.
“I talked to my other aunt’s today.”
Looking at his face I saw the hurt that he was feeling.
“I assume it wasn’t a good conversation from the look on your face.”
“You would be right. They were both uncooperative to talk about anything. I’m not sure what to believe. They were never out and out cruel to me. They both let me know that they wouldn’t  care if I  dropped off the face of the Earth. I am the one that caused all the problems in the family.” Shaking his head they never said a word about Aunt Ina’s funeral. So I  am  done with them.”
I served the green  beans on the heavy stoneware plates he handed me.
“So now what?”
” I am going to make a trip down to the lost river and see if I can find out anything. I talked to my commander and he is checking about the large battery affect but I get the feeling nothing is going to come of it.”
” I am going with you.” I reached out to touch his hand only to be met with anger.
“No you’re not. I won’t let you go, it’s to dangerous.”
“Well tough I am going. You don’t know where the opening is and I do and I have been thinking about it. I have been down past the wall. It was a long time ago . I can act as your guide.”
His face went dark. I  could see he was angry but he saw the sense in what I was thinking.
“Listen Ella, it’s not that I mind you going with me. But if you got hurt. I  think it would kill me. I have been too close to people in the military and have lost close friends. I am not willing to let something happen to you.”
Some how I appreciated the thought. But it angered me that he didn’t think I  could handle it. “So I am supposed to sit and wait on you to come back like a good girl. Listen to me and listen good. I am going with or without you. Roberta was,a friend of mine. So was little Sammy, if I can help give either of them peace all the better. So get over this he-man crap and deal with it.”
I wasn’t expecting his reaction. His hands gripped my shoulders turning me to him. “Don’t you get it you little fool. I’m not sure if I could protect you from her.”
” Don’t you get it I would rather take the chance of being killed down in that God forsaken hole. Than staying here and not knowing if you’re alive or dead down there.”
His lips found mine right after his arms pulled me close.
In the corner by the fireplace a small boy sat watching the two of them.They had no idea what they were in for.He stood up and dissolved into nothing. He would try to keep them safe.

Life’s little mundane tasks.

So you have the every day job, that drives you nuts. The coworker that seems to be the boss’s favorite. You got passed up for the job because of a glitch in the system. No small relief when that employee didn’t get it either.
The kids come in with a ton of homework and complaining about teachers.
The house is covered in mud and dust the youngest is a class act mud pie maker. The dust is because you haven’t been in the house for the biggest part of two weeks except for meals.
Laundry is stacked to the ceiling because the repairman didn’t show for the washer.
You are ready to scream when you burn the best taco casserole ever.
Hubby comes in with news of a new job cause his company is shutting down. But he will go in at a higher wage and a company car.
You fight getting the kids through homework, baths and for your teenage daughter the drama of her first boyfriend.
By the end of the week. Things are beginning to fall in place. Laundry is done hubby went and bought you a new machine. The job came through for him.
The kids are scrubbed and daughter has moved on to something reasonable horses again.
You sit down to a shoulder rub and a glass of wine. And a phone call that tells you the coworker that gave you fits walked out with the copy machine repair man.
Hubby puts his arm around you gives you a kiss as the kids yell yes that you are the greatest parents ever because vacation is Disneyland.
Such is the daily mundane tasks.

Mother’s day

I have been at two different truck stops today. Both times I have been treated with the utmost respect. A good meal a
Discount coupon for my next meal. I was given something both times I hadn’t expected. I received two flowers both carnations. A single flower from two different waitresses. Both were working mothers. One had grown kids and the other had girls ages 4, 6, and 10.
These women who should have gotten flowers, were giving me the flowers. Oh I know that that Truck stops of America can afford it. But it still touched my heart.
I don’t have natural children of my own. It wasn’t in God’s plans for me. My husband’s boys call me mom. Which I appreciate. I love those boys as if they were my own.
I don’t regret many things in my life. I have a very blessed life. But I do regret not being able to have held a new born in my arms. Waking up to a gleeful laugh coming from a little cherub who is laughing at something only they can see. Having someone ask “why?” for the hundredth time. Watching the first steps, the first words, the first award in school.
Sorry don’t mean to get melancholy. But I do when I know I will never hear the word Mom coming to me or about me from a child of my own.
So today here is my prayer for today.
Dear Heavenly Father,
Please bless all the mother’s in this world let them know how lucky they are as parents. May they never know the ache of missing a child, for whatever reason. Amen.,

Feeling pretty good.

The job is going pretty good.
I got a decent miles and delivered early.
Yesterday I went from Des Moines Iowa to Valley City, North Dakota. Five hundred and forty miles. I got to my delivery about 1 this morning expecting to have to wait until at least 6a.m  but they were still there and they unloaded me. I was back to Fargo by 3 A.m. and at seven they called asking if I wanted a load going Moses lakes Washington.
I had to turn it down because of a couple of things I have to do at home.
(Sure wish I could have taken it. Really good load.)
So this is going really well if we can make it through the next week things will look up.
This has even got me back to writing again. Started a new story this week.
Feeling pretty good…

Okay can we all admit we are screwed by Obamacare?

Let’s face fact the middle class can’t catch an even break. I finally get home for the week only to find out I have to sign up for the great white hope of America. ( yes I as m being very sarcastic)
I have a really bad case of allergies. My van has a recall on it. And Obama Care turned me down.
I have no local Dr. My highly appreciative six month term health is threatening to turn me off. Because I can’t get into my doctor who is never in his office.
So I don’t care whether try out think our dear pres is the great white hope.
He has screwed this country. If you don’t like my opinion. Don’t read my blog.
Because he and the democrats/ no let me correct that. I firmly believe he thinks he is doing a great job.  I will defend his right to his beliefs. But I reserve the right to tell him to take a long walk off a short very deep hole. So I can throw the first shovel of dirt on top of him.
I spent a total of eight hours trying to get health insurance being hung up on a total of four times before I even got to talk to anyone.
To quote westside story. Officer Krumpke krump you. Mr. Obama please apply this to you.

What was the first music memory

I am sitting here. Watching Public broadcasting. (PBS) tonight is fund raising. And they are playing a show hosted by Peter Noonan. We have heard from Sonny and Cher. Four seasons, the Mommas and the Pappas, the Bryds. Jay and the Americans, to name a few. I will give someone a copy of my Book
Grease Stains and Love Songs if someone can answer both these questions. Right

1)What group was Peter Noonan with?
2.)Who wrote Red Rubber Ball

In the comment section of my blog leave me your answers and a email where I can reach you so I can find out if you want a copy on kindle, nook .

Contest will end on Friday at midnight.

Keep your thinking caps on for more fun giveaways coming soon.

No place for a dreamer.

Her parents told the little girl:
You can be anything you want. You can grow up to be president, congress and God Forbid a Democrat .
You can do anything you want as long as you listen to us.
You can do anything you like as long as it falls into the guidelines and you become just like your sister the nurse,lawyer, doctor. But you can’t be a dreamer.

We can’t have you embarrassing us. So get out of the book and do your homework.
Practice your instrument, Do the dishes but don’t waste your time with having an imagination.
That will never get you anywhere in life. Look at that child he/or she is nothing but a dreamer,
She’ll never amount to anything. You just have to stay on her at all times or she’ll will be nothing but trouble.

Who would have believed it She has dreamed herself right into the movies, a television career, she has published a book. she just solved the crime of the century. He is a federal agent.
Who would have believed it. She is walking the stage for her Oscar.
You know she wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without her parents and family pushing her.

She was always such a dreamer. She never comes home she is just a ungrateful child. Oh she ran away a long time ago. Drugs I think, I heard she’s living in some fancy place out west.
Oh no, don’t you know the only fancy place she is living in is the mental hospital .

Well she always was a dreamer. You can’t do anything with these kids these days. Dreamers just don’t live up to expectations. Well excuse me. She couldn’t live up to expectations that were so high that she couldn’t hit the mark. her sister is the lawyer and her brother is a doctor.
OH Yes, her sister became a lawyer after having two kids by the time she was nineteen. Her brother the doctor was hurt when the meth lab he and a friend blew up killing the friend.

You dare to put her down for being a dreamer. What did she ever do so horrible but want to act, want to write, want to dance, or write music. But she was a dreamer and there is no place in our lives for dreamers.