Southern Voices that have been Called to the Lord.

I read  yesterday where the Great Jessy Dixon was called home to be with the Lord. Jessy is probably best know for being a regular on the Gaither videos. People didn’t know that he’d written everything from choral material, to songs that had been recorded by Cher, Diana Ross. He opened for Paul Simon and Played piano for Earth,Wind, and Fire. He also had quite a following in Europe for his gospel work.

In the past ten years we have lost several from the Southern Gospel field. It saddens me to think that we are losing so many from that field. This is music that I was listening to while staying with my Grandparents in Southern Indiana.

People like the Happy Goodman family. Vestal and Howard were wonderful together. Vestal had a voice that rivaled Kate Smith and Ethel Merman. When she opened her mouth not only could you hear her love of the Lord. You could feel it.

I loved J.D Sumner with his bass voice. The Cathedrals were the best on the old camp meeting songs.
Mom and Pop Speers, Hovie Lister and Jake Hess. All of who will be greatly missed.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the young people that are carrying on the southern gospel Tradition. The Isaac’s, Jeff and Sherri Easter, all of the Gaither Vocal Band.( Old and new). Jason Crabb, Charlotte Church, Candy Christmas and so many wonderful singers.

But there was just something magical when the older Southern Gospel singers took the stage. They opened their mouths and you felt God in the room with you tapping his feet. The sound drifted through the walls and you realized that you had been touched by God.

Thank you Jessy and all of the Southern Gospel performers that have gone on a head to perform in the Heavenly Choir.

That’s one Choir I hope to see one day.

Blessings all

Gwyn Weyant