Merry Christmas

We live in a fast pace world. No one will argue that point. But can anyone remember the times from Christmas past that are important.

The excitement of the first snow. The smell of the cold when you went to hug someone you haven’t been with in a while.

The fun of putting up the lights. Yes it was work but it was worth it. So was the Christmas baking, the tree decorating, shopping for surprises not just for the list they gave you.

Does anybody remember homemade garlands of popcorn, cranberries, or construction paper and tossing tinsel on to the tree. And being told to place it one strand at a time.(or having to pick it up afterwards.) How about the spotlights with the color wheels red orange green and blue.

Did anyone remember to make the little snow men out of marshmallows, glitter, and stars.

Does anyone remember the plywood cutouts of Santa and the sleigh? They took your Dad hours to draw and cut out but they were such fun to have in the yard.

Does anyone remember going caroling to sing about what Christmas was truly about.

How about setting up the nativity on the most prominent place in the house. On the fireplace mantle. Ours had a stable a cow, sheep, Shepard’s, angels, the wise men, and Mary and Joseph and if course the reason for the season the little baby Jesus.

How about watching the Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, Perry Como, King Family specials. Then all the favorite Movies.

I hope we can take time this Holiday Season to reflect on the past. And pray for the future and keep Christ in Christmas.

What was the first music memory

I am sitting here. Watching Public broadcasting. (PBS) tonight is fund raising. And they are playing a show hosted by Peter Noonan. We have heard from Sonny and Cher. Four seasons, the Mommas and the Pappas, the Bryds. Jay and the Americans, to name a few. I will give someone a copy of my Book
Grease Stains and Love Songs if someone can answer both these questions. Right

1)What group was Peter Noonan with?
2.)Who wrote Red Rubber Ball

In the comment section of my blog leave me your answers and a email where I can reach you so I can find out if you want a copy on kindle, nook .

Contest will end on Friday at midnight.

Keep your thinking caps on for more fun giveaways coming soon.