Thoughts about Sunsets

I sit and wonder through the hills and valley’s of my mind and rarely make any progress as to what I am thinking about.
In the last couple of days I am continually thinking about sunsets. Why, if anyone can tell me why I’ll be glad to listen. Then I decided it maybe due to the fractured mess of the past ten days.
Sunsets can be absolutely beautiful they can be bright and sunny leaving you thinking of  bright romantic evenings.
Then there are bright orange and reds that can feel happy like clowns have decorated the sky.
The deep grays that drift into the blues of midnights with the sudden burst of
light that streaks down to the ground with a force that lights up the entire sky.
The clouds that are white and fluffy from one side and dark and foreboding as the wind gathers strength. The first huge drop of rain that gathers several of its kind together and falls to the fields below giving a nourishing drink to the earth below. Only to blow itself out and letting the sky lighten so evening can fall with a coolness that we all enjoy with a sweetness from flowers, hay and grass that’s been mown.
Sunsets are amazing works of arts. That is why they are painted so often they let your mind wonder into a world that might make you go a wandering.
(Okay so it was a bad pun. Got one better please share.)

Memorial Day.

They talk about Memorial Day. But very few know what that means. Memorial day is known as race day in Indianapolis, for the Car race.

Memorial day was to give respect and honor for those who gave their lives in battle. Federally Recognized in 1911. But it honors all wars going back to the Civil war, World  War one and two, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and our current military wars in Afgahastan and middle East.
In my book it doesn’t matter whether you believed in why we were involved but it does matter that we give our Military men and women the acknowledgement they deserve for being and protecting us. So without further ado. I am listing the few personal people that I know that is past and present.
Norman F. Qualkinbush, John Hicks, Jack Qualkinbush, Ross Qualkinbush all the men from the  Hicks that have served . this includes Cheryl’s son, Janice and Ron Payne’s, and any of the others I know that have served.
All my uncles Clair smith, Carl Owen, Robert Durham, Donald McBride, Frank McBride, to the cousins that have served.
Bob Davis, Kitti Sweeney, Don and Bob Record, Charlie Bain, Holt Burton,and Holt Buford Weyant, all of the Weyant nieces, nephews, Danny Weyant, to the in going family members. Billy Brandon’s daughter Tiffany, Robert Luther Fodge, Robert Lynn Fodge.
Joe Schmaltz, Doug Wagner.

I know there is at least two dozen more that I can’t think of. Patty Fodge’s brother for one. Plus all the classmates that have served our country. So any one I may have missed Thank You, I hope that this feeble attempt pays tribute to the people that have given so much to keep this country free.

What was the first music memory

I am sitting here. Watching Public broadcasting. (PBS) tonight is fund raising. And they are playing a show hosted by Peter Noonan. We have heard from Sonny and Cher. Four seasons, the Mommas and the Pappas, the Bryds. Jay and the Americans, to name a few. I will give someone a copy of my Book
Grease Stains and Love Songs if someone can answer both these questions. Right

1)What group was Peter Noonan with?
2.)Who wrote Red Rubber Ball

In the comment section of my blog leave me your answers and a email where I can reach you so I can find out if you want a copy on kindle, nook .

Contest will end on Friday at midnight.

Keep your thinking caps on for more fun giveaways coming soon.

Thanksgiving is over?

We spend perhaps a week with all the planning getting ready for the holiday that gets forgotten inthe hustle of preparing food and the bustle of black Friday.

We forget that if it weren’t for some pilgrams that came across the sea to escape perscution of religion, and the help of a people that were taken advantage of.

There would be no thanksgiving, so let your kids and grandchildren know
The story on why our country is the best country in the world.

Lets show some love for it instead of putting her down. We are all Americans and we are all responable for her.

Happy Thanksgiving but more imporantly
God Bless America

Prayers go out to Sandy victums.

I watched the Hurricane Sandy telethon this evening. It was sad to see the pictures that were being shown

We never expected a Hurricane to come to landfall so far north. We never expected so much of the east coast to be taken out.

Don’t get me wrong the devastation from Catrina is just a devastating.  But for NYC to be devastated again less that 15 years is just wrong.

The  entire east coast has taken a beating we have to stick together as a country to fix the world that these people know.

I have included Billy Joel’s New York State of Mind.

In the next video I’m including Under the Boardwalk for the wonderful people of New Jersey. Most of the wonderful boardwalks of the United States are off the East Coast Ranging from  the legendary

Coney Island, Atlantic City all the way South in to the Carolinas.  So to everyone that has been through and survived Sandy.

while this isn’t the original by The Drifters I wanted the pictures of the Boardwalks.

You have my prayers, my respect, and my love.

May God Be with Each and Every one of you.

Say a prayer as you tuck your babies in.

Please say a prayer as you tuck your little ones in for the night. In the recent few days. Everyone has forgotten the election and has been and waiting with baited breath for news about little Jessica Ridgeway. That’s as it should be. What parent doesn’t wait at the door to know their child is home safe and sound.

My own fears have been in Colorado with my two sons . The things that are going through their minds are just mind blowing. The fear, the protectiveness. The checking every time one of the kids yells.

So when you count your blessings and say a prayer for what you are so very lucky for. Try very hard to say a prayer for those who have lost so much in the last six months.

Rest. In peace