Life’s little mundane tasks.

So you have the every day job, that drives you nuts. The coworker that seems to be the boss’s favorite. You got passed up for the job because of a glitch in the system. No small relief when that employee didn’t get it either.
The kids come in with a ton of homework and complaining about teachers.
The house is covered in mud and dust the youngest is a class act mud pie maker. The dust is because you haven’t been in the house for the biggest part of two weeks except for meals.
Laundry is stacked to the ceiling because the repairman didn’t show for the washer.
You are ready to scream when you burn the best taco casserole ever.
Hubby comes in with news of a new job cause his company is shutting down. But he will go in at a higher wage and a company car.
You fight getting the kids through homework, baths and for your teenage daughter the drama of her first boyfriend.
By the end of the week. Things are beginning to fall in place. Laundry is done hubby went and bought you a new machine. The job came through for him.
The kids are scrubbed and daughter has moved on to something reasonable horses again.
You sit down to a shoulder rub and a glass of wine. And a phone call that tells you the coworker that gave you fits walked out with the copy machine repair man.
Hubby puts his arm around you gives you a kiss as the kids yell yes that you are the greatest parents ever because vacation is Disneyland.
Such is the daily mundane tasks.

Who is this man.

Who is this man that would willing die for our sins? How could one man live to be the sacrificial lamb to save the most ungrateful people ever?
He was beaten crowned with thorns made to carry his own cross all so he could be our savior.
Born to be a king, teacher, carpenter Shepard, fisher of men and yet he was betrayed by a man for a hundred pieces of silver.
He would not save himself for it wasn’t his father’s will.
He loved everyone man woman and child. He healed the sick made the blind see.
Yet he is forgotten by most people today. He isn’t taught in lots of places. We are told we can’t worship him by the ones who don’t believe.
Yet his followers are millions strong and getting stronger.
So who is this man? He is the Alpha and Omega, the wind in which we breath, the grace of god. Our future and our past. He is love. He is our savior, Jesus of Nazareth and Prince of
Peace and the Messiah.

Getting wrapped up in my writing.

I am in the middle of a story that deals with a woman’s anger Issues. Did not realize how wrapped I was until my best friend came home and I exploded at him. (Thankfully my better half is a loving and trusting soul.) He yells right back and we go on about our lives.

That’s when I realized I had that passionate for a character. It had been awhile since I have felt it.

How long has it been since you have not been able to turn off a character? Do yo have a character that gets to you?  It can be a new or old story. Something from the classics. Something from a new other tell me your thoughts. Maybe


What was the first music memory

I am sitting here. Watching Public broadcasting. (PBS) tonight is fund raising. And they are playing a show hosted by Peter Noonan. We have heard from Sonny and Cher. Four seasons, the Mommas and the Pappas, the Bryds. Jay and the Americans, to name a few. I will give someone a copy of my Book
Grease Stains and Love Songs if someone can answer both these questions. Right

1)What group was Peter Noonan with?
2.)Who wrote Red Rubber Ball

In the comment section of my blog leave me your answers and a email where I can reach you so I can find out if you want a copy on kindle, nook .

Contest will end on Friday at midnight.

Keep your thinking caps on for more fun giveaways coming soon.

What romance means to me.

The caress of her cheek,  the flowers that arrived for no reason. The day spent with a young girl whose mother your trying to impress.

Fixing someone dinner because you can, not because you have to. Sitting in a comfortable silence and speaking volumes. Talking for hours and not saying anything.

Watching the man your falling in love with care for your child. Having him care enough to argue with you, and still be willing to hold you.

Holding you. Does not mean rushing you to bed. While pretending to care.

Romance and Love manifests itself So old or new romance never goes out of style.

2013 What will bring?

There are so many things that I could use right now. But here is a list that matters most.

My Faith in Our Lord Jesus to be stronger with each passing day.

Everyone to have a safe and prosperous year, (military, Government and anyone that is ill)
For the unemployed to find jobs (those without jobs, those coming out of school those waiting on their certifications.)

Everyone to have their dreams come true. Be it writer’s getting their first story Sold, or taking that trip to climb Mount Everest. Go live those dreams.

May our Children know that a) their parents love them, B.) I f they have left home may they find their way back home and Those that are missing be remembered for ever.

May our Parents that are ill either physically or in some cases mentally find the health they need, and may they also realize that their families love them.

Yes I could make be noise about what I need. But what I need. may sound over used and folks Christmas is over But I’m going to say it anyway.

Let’s have some Peace on Earth and Good will to men. Bless us all everyone.~ thank you Charles Dickens.