Loss of My mother.

In July of 2010 we lost my mother unexpectedly. She would have been 81 in September of this year.
My sister and I have been cleaning out her condo and dealing with her estate. My sister and I have been trying to decide what has been the worst of it.

Loss of any family member is always hard. But to lose our mother and our Father the way we did we can only say “Thank you sweet Jesus for taking them quickly and without pain and suffering.”

We sat in the condo cleaning out the last of it. We held the closing on it today.  We decided out of everything that we had to do that cleaning out the two rooms that were Mom’s favorite were the hardest.

Mother loved cooking for people. She didn’t care how many it was or what the occasion was. She would gather everyone in and fix dinner as often as she could get them there. She hated not having a lot of people around. (The woman ran a dairy herd of Fifty cows that she milked twice a day for twenty years. She always fixed a meal and raise at least two boys that were not her own.)

Cleaning out the kitchen and remembering the happy times around her dinner table is a whole evening of stories of her canning, and the wonderful meals that we had there. Even my roommate from College had tales to tell about my mother and her kitchen.

For me cleaning out her sewing room was the hardest of the rooms to clean out. My Mom always made the neatest things on her sewing machine. It got put through the yearly 4-H projects, the prom dresses and the wedding dresses.(My Sister made her wedding dress and three bridesmaid dresses on that machine.)

The closet to that room held all kinds of treasures in it. Patterns, Material, buttons, bows, yarn, plastic canvas. Crocheting, knitting and even some basket weaving materials. We even found some ceramics that had been packed away with the intentions of doing them and giving them to someone some day.

It’s been a tough week for us in many ways. But with each thing we pack up and put away we realized how happy Mom would be knowing what we did with her things.

Material, buttons bows, yarn went to the local 4-H leader back almost a year ago. She told us this week that all of her 4-H kids used something from the crates of materials. She told us that there were at least two sets of girls that wouldn’t have been able to continue without those supplies.

The Plastic canvass went to a local nursing home for patients to use. We received wonderful cards from them telling us how much they appreciated them.

The basket weaving supplies went to one of my aunts who took the basket weaving courses with Mom. They were always doing something together. And the yarn went to another aunt who is making baby afghans and hats. A niece was excited to get the ceramic supplies.

These thoughts were the happy thoughts, that went through my sister and my mind. 

OH! After we got all we wanted from the house we had a Ton of kitchen supplies pots, pans, and other housewares. It went to the new wife of a young man that trims the feet of the cows at my sister’s place. Mom thought a lot of this young man so we know that she’d be happy to know that they will get good use out of them.

We love and miss you Mom,

Connie Avis Qualkinbush 09/24/30 to 7/27/2010
You are missed.