How does one meet mentors and friends in new genres

I am changing genres. Not just romance to erotic romance or paranormal. I am changing from romance to thriller, psychological.
Eventually, I intend to join the
International Thrill Writers organization.
In the mean time, are the people who would like to get together and talk to a newbie?
Is there a way to talk to people who are interested in these genres before joining?
If there is please contact me a by leaving a comment. I would love to talk to you.
It would be so nice to talk to people who Don’t get a glazed look on their face when I mention the current murder my character is completing.

Gwyn Weyant

Going away for the Holiday.

In recent months time away has come at a premium. I worked all but two weekends for two months. Well taking the plunge I quit my job on Friday. I went to work at a new company on Tuesday and then on Wed. Today..I worked my rear off.

I hauled tens loads today. That was more than I Had all last week.

I am leaving tomorrow for Missouri. Can’t hardley wait. Most of what I call family will be there. My sister and brother-in-law,their sons and daughter. My brothers wife and daughter not sure if brother is coming or not, he may be working. And an aunt.

So as we go into the Holiday let’s not forget why we have the wonderful day to party with friends. Let’s give Thanks for the men and women who gave us our freedom. May they come home safe.


Writing source of relief or a source of Madness…..

Recently writing has been a life saver to me. I have been very stressed due to be in my last six weeks of school. Where has the last 8 months gone.

I have 3 weeks of class left and then I have my certification in November. If other things hadn’t been going on I think I would have lost my mind.

Writing gives me a chance to take my frustrations out and play havoc in my characters lives. Maybe that sounds mean. But truthfully I have a dark side.

Its all in good fun but every once in a while. The thoughts of writing a story of murder and mayhem gives me a good chuckle. (I figure its better than actually going out and doing it.)

I’m not the type to play the woman as a victim. Well only in a romance situations. I’m more of the one playing the psycho who has lots of evil thoughts about doing away with the people that has ever done her wrong.

The one who looks like an angel but whips out a gun and shoots the jerk that broke my little sisters heart.  (Okay Okay maybe this sounds a bit over done. maybe I could push the fellow into a tank of piranhas.)

But it helps me to work off my  aggravation so I can get back to what’s really important. The grades, the internship,the certification, and eventually the job. Besides why should men have all the fun.

Stephen King, Clive Barker, and Dean Koontz have all made an excellent living in Horror and most recently Stephanie Meyer this their is just a way of working it off. Even Ted Dekker gives a chill that makes me want to read him in a lighted room.  So why shouldn’t I. ( Her psychotic  laughter echoed through the halls as she locks the gate to the asylum. No one found the bodies of the actual staff until she was five hundred miles from Security Hill Alabama.)

Happy sleeping all.


My Imagination

To this day very few people from the past would believe that I would be anything like I am today.

I was considered by my family to have my head in the clouds. Maybe even a little odd. They all knew that my imagination was wild. I didn’t focus my imagination that they could see. I lived in a fantasy world.

It was not until about 2003 or there abouts that I started writing. I put my imagination to work in tje form of a story.

I knew nothing about writing but according James Scott Bell you can be taught. Which by the way, he is the best of several to make you understand the mechanics of writing, along with Stephen king’s On Writing, Bob Mayer is another one I have recently discovered. Writers digest, and Writing Basics are the magazines.

I learned what I needed to know to become a better writer. Don’t get me wrong I am not Nora Roberts, or Tracie Peterson. I am a person with a dream that is coming true. I am taking the first baby steps to what I hope will be a long career.  I write stories your parents can be proud of. Whether it be our Father God,or my parents, Avis and Norman Qualkinbush.

So learn everything you can possible learn about the craft never give up on learning or your dreams . (Besides it helps you sleep at night .)

Questions from New Writer’s or People who don’t have a Clue?

As a writer we have found there is so many things that has to be taken care of.
Do we blog or do we not, But if we don’t how can we build a platform for people to follow.
Do upgrade from a blog to a website, and how do we know the time is right to do so.
Do we hire an editor? Isn’t that what the publishers do?
When do I win a contest but How do I enter a contest?
Do I have the right not to send in a book that is requested by an agent if I’m not happy with it? What if it’s my only chance to get an agent?
How do I know what I should be writing about? Do I have to stick to one Genre?
Can I call an agent and pitch my story on the phone?
I’ll just go self publish online and I won’t need a anybody but me. (If I had a dime for every time I have heard that I’d be at least a cup of Starbucks coffee richer)
(Grammer Lessions I writes good enough I don’t need no editor,Why would I need that?)

All experienced authors, novelists, agents and publishers have heard everyone of the above questions. So Here is my response to all of them.
1. There is no manual for the answers to these questions. The answer is Read everything you can about writing. (Specifically the three Following. Stephen King on writing, Anything by James Scott Bell, and Writer’s Digest books and magazines)
2.Listen to people who are successful (network in groups like American Christian Fiction Writer’s and the Romance Writer’s Association)
3.Read some of the agents blogs, and websites- know what they want before you approach them. It will be the best way to not feel foolish.
4. Watch the You Tube videos by James Scott Bell they will give you invaluable information on how to proceed.
5. Contests yes after you have polished every word. twenty times and spell checked a minimum of forty times.
6. Blog or not to blog or turning to a web site to build a platform- I have heard pro and cons both ways.
7. Never Never Never Call and agent to pitch a story. Read their website for how to pitch them a manuscript. IT IS UNDER SUBMISSIONS
8. Read everything again on publishing on online. (again Writer’s Digest, James Scott Bell)

Remember: Read, Write, keep the Faith and Believe in your work, and Believe in Our God and Jesus


Stephen King

The idea of being scared at a movie or  while reading a book is one of the most electrifing feelings ever. That’s why we hunt out the most terrifying haunted houses at Halloween. That’s why we loved the Friday the 13th movies, and let’s not forget Freddy Kruger. But to me nothing can compare to the evil that lurkes in the screams from a Stephen King book.
He has been facisnated with horror from a young age. The old fashioned bad B movies type horror. The girl falls into a trance (neck over extended so the vampire can get to it easily.) type movies. Back Before Vincent Price, Bela Lagosa, and of course the great Lon Chaney. What came out of this facination with Horror is today one of the most widely read authors of our generation.  With wonderful story lines  of people being possessed. Little girls being followed with only her imagination to save her. The deranged fan of one of the most widely read author in the book “Misery”.  The tormented terror of a young girl who wants nothing more than to be liked by her classmates. The evil of that is unleashed by that young woman will haunt every person that has ever bullied another human being and also watched the movie.

Stephen King has an inside line to the psyche of the mortal human being. He works that line to fever pitch drawing it tighter and tighter until it makes you want to throw the book away but you find that you not only can’t put it down you will read it until it has you turned inside out with fear.