Valentines Day update

Happy Valentines Day all just thought I would give you an update. My day job today is delivering for edible arrangements. It is a happy delivery. I see why people like doing flowers or these things.

My hubby got me for Christmas as a replacement gift .  James Scott Bell’s online software called the knockout novel based on his great selling book Plot and Structure. I have been working with it on my first police novel. It HAS really opened up my characters and let’s me think of what I need to put in my novel.

The software is in junction with the writing online site. www
which is free. But to get the James Scott Bell perspective. It cost 49.00 dollars and worth every penny. It is some thing I will use over and over again. So I like the way it brings new ideas to you. Along with helping you develop your character’s fully.

So you might want to check it out.

I want to thank James Scott Bell for  developing this wonderful tool.

Again Happy Valentines Day. Be safe and stay warm.

Robert B. Parker

I love reading a good book particularly a good who-done-it. ¬†I really¬†enjoyed Robert B. Parker author extrodinare of the Spenser, Jessie Stone novels. The man could write like most authors only dream about. His characters are intelligent, good for a laugh, and in at least my minds eye can sweep me off my feet. (Of course having actors such as the late Robert Urich, Tom Sellek, Joe Montagna, playing your characters certainly doesn’t hurt the hot factor.)

What I admired most about Mr. Parker’s books. Was his ability to show that each character was there for a reason. He didn’t add characters to a scene that didn’t need to be there. He didn’t go over board on telling. You knew what was going on and why.

In the Spencer books you could expect a good buddy story with the characters of Hawk and Susan helping Spenser. He added a smattering of other delightful and sometimes lethal characters that would come in from time to time to help out in a situation. But none stayed like Hawk and the ever delightful Susan.

Most of his books had people that the main character could play off of. In his westerns it was the cowboys Everette Cole and Virgil Hitch. In the last of his Paradise books you found Sunny Randall and police chief Jesse Stone. Two very individual people that came together to work a case and found they had a lot more in common than they knew.

In the end Robert B. Parker’s two most famous characters will continue. Both Spense and Jesse Stone will continue on by new authors and under the guidence of the Parker family. Good Bad or indifferent those two story lines will not shut down anytime soon. (I for one am glad to know that.)