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Sorry I have been out of commission  due to work. I am no longer driving over the road so I am going to finish the story. I am very thankful that you are still willing to read my stuff. So God bless you and I  hope you’ll be reading more shortly.

Chapter 20 Death Fire

He carried the pressure  cooker of food into the shack bringing up the rear with a basket of bread and other goodies I was surprised on how much bigger the place on the inside actually was. The place had been built in a cavern that the walls were completely smooth from the winds. The original cavern was probably started hundreds of years earlier.  The sandstone made with the different layers of sand made for beautiful walls. The front wall covered a opening with a Sandstone wall.  You would never know it from the outside. The living room  was an area of about 20 by 20 had with a fireplace that had  a natural chimney. He  had  decorated in heavy wooded furniture that had rich chocolate brown microfiber cushions that you could sink into. The couch had a hand knitted ivory colored afghan tossed on it. The main focus of the room was the fireplace and stone hearth.
The kitchen had all the modern conveniences plus a wall of natural cabinets he had taken the crevices made them his pantry. A heavy wooden bar worked for a table and a place people could sit and talk as he worked in the kitchen. The lighting consisted of recessed can lighting. The effect was very pleasing.
“I talked to my other aunt’s today.”
Looking at his face I saw the hurt that he was feeling.
“I assume it wasn’t a good conversation from the look on your face.”
“You would be right. They were both uncooperative to talk about anything. I’m not sure what to believe. They were never out and out cruel to me. They both let me know that they wouldn’t  care if I  dropped off the face of the Earth. I am the one that caused all the problems in the family.” Shaking his head they never said a word about Aunt Ina’s funeral. So I  am  done with them.”
I served the green  beans on the heavy stoneware plates he handed me.
“So now what?”
” I am going to make a trip down to the lost river and see if I can find out anything. I talked to my commander and he is checking about the large battery affect but I get the feeling nothing is going to come of it.”
” I am going with you.” I reached out to touch his hand only to be met with anger.
“No you’re not. I won’t let you go, it’s to dangerous.”
“Well tough I am going. You don’t know where the opening is and I do and I have been thinking about it. I have been down past the wall. It was a long time ago . I can act as your guide.”
His face went dark. I  could see he was angry but he saw the sense in what I was thinking.
“Listen Ella, it’s not that I mind you going with me. But if you got hurt. I  think it would kill me. I have been too close to people in the military and have lost close friends. I am not willing to let something happen to you.”
Some how I appreciated the thought. But it angered me that he didn’t think I  could handle it. “So I am supposed to sit and wait on you to come back like a good girl. Listen to me and listen good. I am going with or without you. Roberta was,a friend of mine. So was little Sammy, if I can help give either of them peace all the better. So get over this he-man crap and deal with it.”
I wasn’t expecting his reaction. His hands gripped my shoulders turning me to him. “Don’t you get it you little fool. I’m not sure if I could protect you from her.”
” Don’t you get it I would rather take the chance of being killed down in that God forsaken hole. Than staying here and not knowing if you’re alive or dead down there.”
His lips found mine right after his arms pulled me close.
In the corner by the fireplace a small boy sat watching the two of them.They had no idea what they were in for.He stood up and dissolved into nothing. He would try to keep them safe.

Death Fire 16

“Okay so where do we start?”I asked Josh. “If we don’t find her there is no telling what will happen next. Even if she’s a ghost she’ll be at Ina’s funeral.”
I watched Jack and Debbie come in with the kids. Teeney was holding on to Jack’s hand. He picked the child up and put her in the booster seat. Teeney had on a birthday hat. I remembered Teeney used to play with Sammy.
“Be right back.” Stepping over to the other table.
“Excuse me I have a question for Teeney. Sweetie have you heard from Sammy lately?”
Teeney shook her head no “I won’t either he is going far away so the evil won’t find him.” She began coloring the place mat.
“When did he tell you this?” I asked looking at Debbie and Jack.
“Honey tell Doctor Ella.” Debbie said
“I can’t he asked me not too. Before he disappeared.” Teeney continued to color.
Jack stood up to talk to me. “Debbie
Is worried about Teeney. She is telling stories about some pretty outrageous things. Look at the picture she’s coloring.”
Looking down at the drawing was a little figure and the cyclones with red white and blue in it.
“Teeney, have you seen this someplace?”
“No Sammy told me about it. He thinks its started because of him. He thinks it wants him.”
“Will you do me a favor if you talk to Sammy, tell him to come talk to me. Tell him that we are working to make it stop okay?” Teeney smiled at me.
“I’ll tell him. If he comes back.”
“Debbie ,Jack I can’t tell you right now what’s going on but Teeney isn’t involved as far as we know other than she is a messenger. I don’t believe she’ll be involved otherwise. Happy Birthday Teeney.” Debbie smiled in relief.
Going back to the table we sat talking I caught the guys up on what I’d learned from Teeney.
“Okay I don’t believe Sammy is alive Teeney specifically he disappeared as if he faded out maybe an apparition. We need to go talk to Ronald’s wife. We need to know what Ronald’s involvement in this is.

Okay can we all admit we are screwed by Obamacare?

Let’s face fact the middle class can’t catch an even break. I finally get home for the week only to find out I have to sign up for the great white hope of America. ( yes I as m being very sarcastic)
I have a really bad case of allergies. My van has a recall on it. And Obama Care turned me down.
I have no local Dr. My highly appreciative six month term health is threatening to turn me off. Because I can’t get into my doctor who is never in his office.
So I don’t care whether try out think our dear pres is the great white hope.
He has screwed this country. If you don’t like my opinion. Don’t read my blog.
Because he and the democrats/ no let me correct that. I firmly believe he thinks he is doing a great job.  I will defend his right to his beliefs. But I reserve the right to tell him to take a long walk off a short very deep hole. So I can throw the first shovel of dirt on top of him.
I spent a total of eight hours trying to get health insurance being hung up on a total of four times before I even got to talk to anyone.
To quote westside story. Officer Krumpke krump you. Mr. Obama please apply this to you.

First load for new Company.

Life knows how to kick your rear end. Then laugh at you as pick yourself up off the floor.
I am sure you folks are all tired of hearing/reading about what’s going on with the van. But time  for an update. The company I went two work for cost me money. Took one to just outside of Detroit and had to deadhead home. (Deadhead the act of going to or from a shipper or consignee without a load to help cover costs.) I dead headed to Elkhart to picked up going to Detroit. No freight coming back so I get back to Gas City and get sent to South bend to go down into Tennessee and they dead head me home over five hundred miles. Then on Tuesday they send me to Huntington to Joliet Illinois. They brought me to the yard in Elmhurst Illinois and couldn’t get me a load out of Chicago going anywhere. That was the last straw. At that point I was making about twenty-five cents a mile. If they had stuck a load of anything on me it would have been better. I quit that afternoon before I even got to Lafayette.
So hubby and I both knew of a company and I called and was hired the same day.
So I have been sitting in Toledo in orientation for two days this week. And  I have already delivered my first load. It looks a lot better sitting here than a week ago.

Blessed Day?

Today started with a fast trip to go to Missouri for my job. But I got to where I was to pick up and the freight wasn’t there.(I haul for a package company. Within 300 miles of Indianapolis) So seems the load they sent me after had been sent out  the day before on a national logistics company. It had arrived and been signed for by 11:21 this morning. Before they had even contacted me but the message had not got to the right people.

So I go to the the home office e where they tell me that they don’t have anything. So I get almost home to find out they have a load if I want it going up by Fort Wayne. So I go back get the package at rush hour and head North.

Traffic is horrific  I get into bumper to bumper traffic and have to hit my brakes to keep from hitting the guy in front of me, who is avoiding the semi in front of him. But the girl behind me doesn’t see me hit my brakes. So she hits me.

So I spend the next hour dealing with the paperwork and the cop. Who puts the wrong insurance down on the report.( that is going to be a hassle to straighten)

Then I spend another hour trying to get past the local concert venue that must have had a Really Big Show( to quote Ed Sullivan)

So I get to my destination only 28 mins late. (The customer wasn’t upset thank goodness.

And I get back into town just in time to deal with the traffic from the concert that has just let out.

So what makes this a blessed day?

Well the customers were not Unhappy they each got the packages they needed. Both will use us again.

As far as they accident I go e praise to God for no one getting hurt. In that traffic it could have been a massacre.

And I truly hope the concert was good for as much traffic that was going to and from it.

So I guess it’s a matter of perspective. What I learned was don’t panic and give God the praise even when the worst is happening. It will work out one way or another.
Maybe not the way you want but it will work out.

First day of spring.

Spring is here at least according to the weatherman. But when it’s less than twenty degrees at night it’s kinda hard to believe it. Even through the neighbors crocus are blooming and the Robins and Blue birds are here.

The skies are beautiful. And the old saying March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion is appropriate this March. With more snow and rain mix planned for the weekend.

But today in the air even though it was brisk there was something in the air that gave the feeling of Spring. Maybe it was the idea of it. But the smell was different.

So even though it’s cold out take a deep breath and see if you notice it also. Maybe it is because Easter is a short week away.

But may we all be blessed, during this season of renewal.