Robin Williams dead

It is sad that a comedian, actor, Father had no one to turn too in his moment of depressed mind could take no more.
I realize that everyone has their weakness. I myself have suffered with depression and did consider what  he did. I did consider suicide at one point. But I turned to a greater force than the depression.
Now I am not here to preach about what God has done for me. I don’t believe that’s why I am writing this. I believe there is help for everyone who wants it.
Even Mr. Williams could have sought help. Did he think it was a sign of weakness to ask for help?
Did his family turn away thinking that’s dad he is okay, he is strong. People don’t understand how alone it feels when you have no one to talk to.
Oh yes there are the questions.
What have you got to be depressed about. Buck up you don’t have any problems.
But they don’t know and will never be able to understand because they weren’t, in his shoes, in his psyche so maybe there was something going on he hadn’t told anyone.
We don’t know and will never know. But in memory of Robin Williams go to the strongest person you know, or the weakest person you know and give them the hug. That you don’t know they need but it might just change someone’s life.

In recent months…( partial idea for story)

I have began to believe the hype in recent months that I was told, “You are a talentless, nobody.”
The subject came up in the rejection I got from a very bad contest I entered. The review nearly destroyed any hope I had for writing career.

Okay so maybe I am not a multi published author, and maybe I never will be. But I am not a talentless nobody. I have worked hard at my craft, learning, studying and be told that my ideas have no merit.

Well excuse me, but that’s saying the sun has no heat, the rain isn’t wet.
I have feelings, I know that my ideas have merit even if the judge doesn’t.
I believe in myself. I don’t need a judge to tell me that. That judge is the no talent nobody, who can’t write and is a jealous harlot who wouldn’t know talent if it bit her. You see I know who the judge was and before the year is over  they will be on the receiving end of my wrath.

From the future story by Gwyn Weyant
“Talentless Nobody”

Just a crazy moment But….

As a writer we all plot our stories. Whether it be on paper, computer, or the back of a napkin at a diner while having coffee.
My husband helped go over a semi wreck in the dust on a 53′ box van that he was using for work.
Today’s question:
What would you use to do a murder. Would it be a nice clean murder, freeze the body and cut it up before it thawed no muss, no fuss.
Or would you be the more bloody type cave the jokers head in with a ten pounds  sledge hammer or splitting mull.
Neat as in arsenic or mercury poisoning.
Or thoroughly demented with the piano wire wrapped around the neck, and if the didn’t quite do the job, a machete through the chest.
Knitting needles through the eyes or double 00 buckshot at close range.
The real question is do you want a gory bloody mess or never be found out, knowing you have committed the perfect murder.
Me I don’t know I see advantages to neat and clean but to write a character that is so completely insane that she stands there dripping in her victims blood, or screaming  as they lock her away in the cell in the state Hospital for the criminally insane. Hmm fodder for a new story. As she laughs maniacally.

Feeling pretty good.

The job is going pretty good.
I got a decent miles and delivered early.
Yesterday I went from Des Moines Iowa to Valley City, North Dakota. Five hundred and forty miles. I got to my delivery about 1 this morning expecting to have to wait until at least 6a.m  but they were still there and they unloaded me. I was back to Fargo by 3 A.m. and at seven they called asking if I wanted a load going Moses lakes Washington.
I had to turn it down because of a couple of things I have to do at home.
(Sure wish I could have taken it. Really good load.)
So this is going really well if we can make it through the next week things will look up.
This has even got me back to writing again. Started a new story this week.
Feeling pretty good…

Okay can we all admit we are screwed by Obamacare?

Let’s face fact the middle class can’t catch an even break. I finally get home for the week only to find out I have to sign up for the great white hope of America. ( yes I as m being very sarcastic)
I have a really bad case of allergies. My van has a recall on it. And Obama Care turned me down.
I have no local Dr. My highly appreciative six month term health is threatening to turn me off. Because I can’t get into my doctor who is never in his office.
So I don’t care whether try out think our dear pres is the great white hope.
He has screwed this country. If you don’t like my opinion. Don’t read my blog.
Because he and the democrats/ no let me correct that. I firmly believe he thinks he is doing a great job.  I will defend his right to his beliefs. But I reserve the right to tell him to take a long walk off a short very deep hole. So I can throw the first shovel of dirt on top of him.
I spent a total of eight hours trying to get health insurance being hung up on a total of four times before I even got to talk to anyone.
To quote westside story. Officer Krumpke krump you. Mr. Obama please apply this to you.

Let’s bring back innocence.

What happened to the days when you could pick up a book and not be scared of what you were getting.
The days when every book was not about sex.

What happened to the days of the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and the Bobbsey Twins. ( showing my age here because no one will remember them but me.)

Well I believe that there is still room for innocence. I remember the first romance novel I ever read by today’s standards it was a sweet story. No sex just the couple being in love.

Back to the days before vampires, werewolves, and monsters walked at every corner.

Back to the time when the cops were tough, the booze was strong, fists were hard and a snitch was not a golden ball in a magic flying game.

Back to the days when the South was hot, the women were softer and the magnolias were always in bloom.

Back to the days when men did not “give a Damn,” when a woman who slept around was a bad girl and there were lots of things left unsaid in and out of the bedroom.

There was that sinful place at the edge of town where only the tough went. Men went to war and girls with bad reputations left town and came back stars.

Back to the days of innocent, sweet, stories. Back to the days of high school sweethearts who married and had the two point five children.

Let’s go back and bring back  the innocence of that time. When even those bad girls got to marry the nice guy. The bad guys got taken to jail and even the hard boiled cop had a  doll.

First day of spring.

Spring is here at least according to the weatherman. But when it’s less than twenty degrees at night it’s kinda hard to believe it. Even through the neighbors crocus are blooming and the Robins and Blue birds are here.

The skies are beautiful. And the old saying March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion is appropriate this March. With more snow and rain mix planned for the weekend.

But today in the air even though it was brisk there was something in the air that gave the feeling of Spring. Maybe it was the idea of it. But the smell was different.

So even though it’s cold out take a deep breath and see if you notice it also. Maybe it is because Easter is a short week away.

But may we all be blessed, during this season of renewal.