Robin Williams dead

It is sad that a comedian, actor, Father had no one to turn too in his moment of depressed mind could take no more.
I realize that everyone has their weakness. I myself have suffered with depression and did consider what  he did. I did consider suicide at one point. But I turned to a greater force than the depression.
Now I am not here to preach about what God has done for me. I don’t believe that’s why I am writing this. I believe there is help for everyone who wants it.
Even Mr. Williams could have sought help. Did he think it was a sign of weakness to ask for help?
Did his family turn away thinking that’s dad he is okay, he is strong. People don’t understand how alone it feels when you have no one to talk to.
Oh yes there are the questions.
What have you got to be depressed about. Buck up you don’t have any problems.
But they don’t know and will never be able to understand because they weren’t, in his shoes, in his psyche so maybe there was something going on he hadn’t told anyone.
We don’t know and will never know. But in memory of Robin Williams go to the strongest person you know, or the weakest person you know and give them the hug. That you don’t know they need but it might just change someone’s life.

Life’s little mundane tasks.

So you have the every day job, that drives you nuts. The coworker that seems to be the boss’s favorite. You got passed up for the job because of a glitch in the system. No small relief when that employee didn’t get it either.
The kids come in with a ton of homework and complaining about teachers.
The house is covered in mud and dust the youngest is a class act mud pie maker. The dust is because you haven’t been in the house for the biggest part of two weeks except for meals.
Laundry is stacked to the ceiling because the repairman didn’t show for the washer.
You are ready to scream when you burn the best taco casserole ever.
Hubby comes in with news of a new job cause his company is shutting down. But he will go in at a higher wage and a company car.
You fight getting the kids through homework, baths and for your teenage daughter the drama of her first boyfriend.
By the end of the week. Things are beginning to fall in place. Laundry is done hubby went and bought you a new machine. The job came through for him.
The kids are scrubbed and daughter has moved on to something reasonable horses again.
You sit down to a shoulder rub and a glass of wine. And a phone call that tells you the coworker that gave you fits walked out with the copy machine repair man.
Hubby puts his arm around you gives you a kiss as the kids yell yes that you are the greatest parents ever because vacation is Disneyland.
Such is the daily mundane tasks.

Memorial Day.

They talk about Memorial Day. But very few know what that means. Memorial day is known as race day in Indianapolis, for the Car race.

Memorial day was to give respect and honor for those who gave their lives in battle. Federally Recognized in 1911. But it honors all wars going back to the Civil war, World  War one and two, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and our current military wars in Afgahastan and middle East.
In my book it doesn’t matter whether you believed in why we were involved but it does matter that we give our Military men and women the acknowledgement they deserve for being and protecting us. So without further ado. I am listing the few personal people that I know that is past and present.
Norman F. Qualkinbush, John Hicks, Jack Qualkinbush, Ross Qualkinbush all the men from the  Hicks that have served . this includes Cheryl’s son, Janice and Ron Payne’s, and any of the others I know that have served.
All my uncles Clair smith, Carl Owen, Robert Durham, Donald McBride, Frank McBride, to the cousins that have served.
Bob Davis, Kitti Sweeney, Don and Bob Record, Charlie Bain, Holt Burton,and Holt Buford Weyant, all of the Weyant nieces, nephews, Danny Weyant, to the in going family members. Billy Brandon’s daughter Tiffany, Robert Luther Fodge, Robert Lynn Fodge.
Joe Schmaltz, Doug Wagner.

I know there is at least two dozen more that I can’t think of. Patty Fodge’s brother for one. Plus all the classmates that have served our country. So any one I may have missed Thank You, I hope that this feeble attempt pays tribute to the people that have given so much to keep this country free.

Ignorance and stupidity

Since I have gone back on the road I have found the people to be very forthright and a pleasure to be around. But I must have really upset the stars yesterday.
I was in the fine dining establishment known as the iron skillet. Where the waitress and I were laughing and cutting up.
We were talking about the way the country was going. And granted there were some smart mouth remarks made.
When a man stood up and went off on the waitress (who happened to be black) about showing respect to the greatest president in history. She should be glad to have a job and should be doing it and keeping her (racial slur) shut.
I told him if he didn’t hear the whole conversation to butt out.
He informed me that I was a no good job taking ignoramus that didn’t have a clue about what real life was about. I was neither a decent truckdriver or friend to anyone because I couldn’t keep my slutty offensive mouth shut.
Then he proceeded to call me and the waitress every name in the book.
The manager came out and removed the man from the establishment.
But it got me thinking had I been that insensitive in my opinions to people.
So that is what prompted the apology this morning.
May everyone have a better day than my last twenty-four hours.

Sadness that doesn’t heal.

A friend from high school is having to bury her son this week. There is no amount of sympathy that can possibly help for my friend and the rest of the family.

No one should have to bury a child. No one should have to sit in a doctor’s appointment and be told that the procedures they have already done didn’t work. Or they have quit working. They can’t explain why. But your son isn’t going to live.

No woman who has ever given birth can forget that sweet child being handed to her the first time at the hospital. The first smile, the tears in the eyes, the first steps, the first triumph of that son. Whether it be grades, sports, boy scouts or the first snow shoveled driveway of that child.

The fights with his brother the trouble he got into with his friends. At some point realizing that little boy has turned into a friend, a brother, a comedian, a best friend that hurts when his mother does. The realization that he has turned into a man. Yet he will always be that little bundle wrapped on a blue blanket that she held close when he cried. No a mother should never have to go through this.

This is the best I can possibly do in tribute. I am not a mother in the way that my friend is. But I hope with this post I can show my friend that my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

May Scottie Breeden rest in peace. He was a brother, a friend, a son to his father and most of all an angel to his mother.


I know that I have had the best BBW ever.

(Whoa its not what your thinking.)


I started my big blessed Weekend by leaving town on Saturday with my husband. We hadn’t really been away for almost two years.  We headed south to Elizabeth Indiana to the Horseshoe Hotel and Casino.

We stopped on the down at the outlet Mall in Taylorsville, just outside of Columbus IN, and bought a few things that I had been needing, shoes to be specific. Armed with new tennis shoes we headed out for a weekend of much needed rest and relaxation.

While we didn’t do well at the Casino (but stayed in our set limits) My hubby and I spent a fun weekend being together. We got up this morning to head back home but didn’t want the same trip up that we took down.

So we headed up hwy 150  it cuts north west from New Albany to as far a Spencer IN. We decided to take a side trip to French LIck, IN and eat at the Casino there.Dinner at Diamond Jims was good and it was a fun way of spending the rest of the day.

We got home. From a Big Blessed Weekend. Feeling a little more relaxed and very much blessed.

Thank you Sweet Jesus for giving us the time together for a BBW.


This old world makes you stop and think on a daily basis. But are we thinking about the right things. Do we give God the credit he deserves in our life. Here is a list of things I have been thinking about lately,

Giving praise to our Lord,
Making my prayers more effective,
Praying for our troops
Wondering what is on the other side of the Milky Way ( the cosmos nor the chocolate bar)
Enjoying the early summer evenings
Enjoying my husband of Twenty some years.
Enjoying family
Thanking our Lord for my family and friends.

What I don’t think about on a regular basis,

The Kardashians
What is in style
Office politics( in my company or in the country for that matter)
Who has done what to who on any or all television shows.

What I do care about is giving praise and thanks for my life to the good lord.