Who is this man.

Who is this man that would willing die for our sins? How could one man live to be the sacrificial lamb to save the most ungrateful people ever?
He was beaten crowned with thorns made to carry his own cross all so he could be our savior.
Born to be a king, teacher, carpenter Shepard, fisher of men and yet he was betrayed by a man for a hundred pieces of silver.
He would not save himself for it wasn’t his father’s will.
He loved everyone man woman and child. He healed the sick made the blind see.
Yet he is forgotten by most people today. He isn’t taught in lots of places. We are told we can’t worship him by the ones who don’t believe.
Yet his followers are millions strong and getting stronger.
So who is this man? He is the Alpha and Omega, the wind in which we breath, the grace of god. Our future and our past. He is love. He is our savior, Jesus of Nazareth and Prince of
Peace and the Messiah.

Merry Christmas

We live in a fast pace world. No one will argue that point. But can anyone remember the times from Christmas past that are important.

The excitement of the first snow. The smell of the cold when you went to hug someone you haven’t been with in a while.

The fun of putting up the lights. Yes it was work but it was worth it. So was the Christmas baking, the tree decorating, shopping for surprises not just for the list they gave you.

Does anybody remember homemade garlands of popcorn, cranberries, or construction paper and tossing tinsel on to the tree. And being told to place it one strand at a time.(or having to pick it up afterwards.) How about the spotlights with the color wheels red orange green and blue.

Did anyone remember to make the little snow men out of marshmallows, glitter, and stars.

Does anyone remember the plywood cutouts of Santa and the sleigh? They took your Dad hours to draw and cut out but they were such fun to have in the yard.

Does anyone remember going caroling to sing about what Christmas was truly about.

How about setting up the nativity on the most prominent place in the house. On the fireplace mantle. Ours had a stable a cow, sheep, Shepard’s, angels, the wise men, and Mary and Joseph and if course the reason for the season the little baby Jesus.

How about watching the Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, Perry Como, King Family specials. Then all the favorite Movies.

I hope we can take time this Holiday Season to reflect on the past. And pray for the future and keep Christ in Christmas.


This old world makes you stop and think on a daily basis. But are we thinking about the right things. Do we give God the credit he deserves in our life. Here is a list of things I have been thinking about lately,

Giving praise to our Lord,
Making my prayers more effective,
Praying for our troops
Wondering what is on the other side of the Milky Way ( the cosmos nor the chocolate bar)
Enjoying the early summer evenings
Enjoying my husband of Twenty some years.
Enjoying family
Thanking our Lord for my family and friends.

What I don’t think about on a regular basis,

The Kardashians
What is in style
Office politics( in my company or in the country for that matter)
Who has done what to who on any or all television shows.

What I do care about is giving praise and thanks for my life to the good lord.

Everything Good, Counting blessings part 2

My husband of Twenty-six years and I have been through a lot together. All of it seems to happen a year a part. Let me explain:

We were married in Jan of 1987, my father died in October of 1987. We lost my father-in-law in 1988. Then there were deaths of some of our favorite uncle’s, aunts, and so on right up until the deaths of our Mother’s mine in July of 2010,and his in June of 2011.

In that time he and I have gone through money problems due to said divorces, his kids getting to know me and adjusting accordingly.(I am happy to Say that his sons in my book are my son’s.)

We have traveled well over 2,000,000 miles in the box the size of an 8×8 room. (Cab of a semi truck,), saw Disney land on both coasts, Knots Berry Farm, King’ s Island, and gambled in
Both Atlantic city and Las Vegas.

We have fought over bills, golf, bowling, and even had a skunk live under our trailer in Greenwood, Indiana.(not a pleasant time- to remove skunk from under a mobile home remove under pinning just far enough to throw in a can of some sort of bug fogger under the trailer. Then leave for the afternoon. Skunks will leave also Usually with out spraying the trailer. Second advantage to that, it will get rid of any unwanted spiders, ticks roaches or ants)

But I will forever count him as one of the good Lord’s blessings to me. Because he has been there throughout all my problems. The man has stayed by me when most people would have called it quits years ago.

Thank you Holt B. Weyant for being a blessing and the love of my life.

First day of spring.

Spring is here at least according to the weatherman. But when it’s less than twenty degrees at night it’s kinda hard to believe it. Even through the neighbors crocus are blooming and the Robins and Blue birds are here.

The skies are beautiful. And the old saying March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion is appropriate this March. With more snow and rain mix planned for the weekend.

But today in the air even though it was brisk there was something in the air that gave the feeling of Spring. Maybe it was the idea of it. But the smell was different.

So even though it’s cold out take a deep breath and see if you notice it also. Maybe it is because Easter is a short week away.

But may we all be blessed, during this season of renewal.

New author no support.

I stay in contact with one or two younger authors that are just starting out. One asked me not to use her name she has her contract but has not picked the name she is using to publish under yet. And the second woman like me Isn’t worried about things.

The debate in question was and I quote “Why is it so hard for new authors to get  reviews to help them out. Jane told me that she can’t even get her sister to read her book. And Terri (the lady with the contract) said that she had lots of critique  buddies so she has lots of review help.

In my own experience I seem to have people that are buying my book but don’t want to help by putting up a review? I have even gone as far as (like any author) and bought the books and sent the books out for review and still nothing.

Jane believes that it is because family don’t want to believe that the person has done well. Terri thinks it’s pure shock that a new author has got the contract to begin with.

Well I don’t have critique partners because I drove semi and  never got to join a critique group because I never felt it was right that someone would help me and then me not be able to participate fully with the group.

So how does one motivate people to review?
Time money and effort or pure tenacity?

Thoughts, discussion or how about a mud flinging contest?