New author no support.

I stay in contact with one or two younger authors that are just starting out. One asked me not to use her name she has her contract but has not picked the name she is using to publish under yet. And the second woman like me Isn’t worried about things.

The debate in question was and I quote “Why is it so hard for new authors to get  reviews to help them out. Jane told me that she can’t even get her sister to read her book. And Terri (the lady with the contract) said that she had lots of critique  buddies so she has lots of review help.

In my own experience I seem to have people that are buying my book but don’t want to help by putting up a review? I have even gone as far as (like any author) and bought the books and sent the books out for review and still nothing.

Jane believes that it is because family don’t want to believe that the person has done well. Terri thinks it’s pure shock that a new author has got the contract to begin with.

Well I don’t have critique partners because I drove semi and  never got to join a critique group because I never felt it was right that someone would help me and then me not be able to participate fully with the group.

So how does one motivate people to review?
Time money and effort or pure tenacity?

Thoughts, discussion or how about a mud flinging contest?

Interview with Supernatural "Thriller Author Cheyenne Mitchell.

Today I am interviewing Ms. Cheyenne Mitchell. She is an acclaimedAuthor of two books published by AuthorHouse in the supernatural thrillers.   

I hope all of my facebook friends will be able to attend my book signing for my supernatural thriller “SYROIA”, scheduled to coincide with HALLOWEEN! It will be at the Overbrook Park Public Library-7422 HAVERFORD AVE. PHILA PA 19150 from 5:00 – 6:00PM. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS READING THIS HORRIFYING SUPERNATURAL THRILLER THAT IS LIKE NO OTHER!!!!

Please tell us a little about yourself. 

  I am a mother and a grandmother who has loved writing since I was in thefirst grade. I went back to school when I was in my early forties and got aBachelor’s degree in Journalism/Communication, and it was a very wise thing forme to do. Although it was hard sometimes going to school with twenty-yearolds.  I am the older of my parent’s twochildren, and my brother is three years younger than I am.   He is a Veteran of the United States AirForce. My mother is the only one of my parents still living, thank God!  I lost my oldest son, Lance, on October 4,2006 to a horrible tragedy, and I deal with that every day of my life.  It is only God Who gets me through every day,and I thank Him for my family, because their love helps me with my pain, too.

How long have you been writing and what do you write?

   I have been writing since the age of six years old.  However, at that time I seemed to be drawn topoetry for some reason.  I guess becauseeven then my favorite Poet was Edgar Allan Poe, and still is.  Writing is in my blood.  I was born to be a Writer because it is theonly thing that I have ever really wanted to do, and dream that I am beginningto see come true for me.  I write aboutthe supernatural because I have had many dealings with the supernatural.  I have seen spirits, heard spirits, and feltthem around me all of the time.  Also, Ihave seen many eerie things in my life. I have always loved horror movies, but they had better be good ones andI haven’t seen a good horror, suspense, mystery, or supernatural thriller moviecome out of Hollywood in a very long time.

 What made you interested in your genre?

  Having experienced supernatural experiences inmy own personal life.  I know ghosts orspirits if you will do co-exist right along with the physical world.  I KNOW it!!!

 What made you decide to go toAuthorHouse?

 I thought AuthorHouse had a lot to offer me asan Author.  Their packages looked good,especially the Book2Screen package, which is what, I purchased for THECOVERING.  I want to see all of my novelsturned into films.  The press releasesmust come from the publishers not the Authors

Do they help you promote your book?

Yes – they offer a wide range ofpromotion options as well as materials

Besides the online stores, where can we find your books?

You can find SYROIA and THECOVERING in bookstores and at Author House website. I also have my own webstore.

   Can you give us a brief description about both SYROIA and THE COVERING?

   Syroia is the story ofa wealthy, young man who is tortured and tormented by the demonic spirit of along-dead murderer. This monstrous entity is not who the protagonist thinks itis, but someone he never really knew at all as well as a long-held, dark,family secret.  There are only victims inthis novel as it is a story about the horrors of demonic possession.  However, it is also a story of how familylove can save someone from such a terror.

“THE COVERING” is the story of two teenage sisterswho cannot understand what is going on with their strange and secretive familymembers.  The two sisters will takereaders on a terrifying and unimaginable journey as they uncover the dark andhorrible secret that their family has been harboring for nearly two hundredyears.  “THE COVERING” is astory about vampires!  It is a story ofhorror yet also a story of great family love. There are press releases posted on it as it is unlike any othersupernatural thriller ever written about these beings.

Do you have a blog people can follow or a website?