Religion, Spirituality and George Washington

Today my son and I got to talking about the above picture and quote from George Washington. Some of the things I believe in and some of the things he believes frequently bang head on like a couple of big horn sheep. bearing this in mind (I am going to make some comments that may get me thrown out of the American Christian Fiction Writers.) BUT I can not and will not let this one slide.

So this is my rebuttal or logic. Jason on the text from today. When the above quote was written roughly some Two hundred and thirty-six years ago. George Washington was not describing the all-powerful church. He was talking guidance for the leaders that was coming forth to lead a new nation. (Yea go read the preamble of the Constitution again.) He was talking about using the teachings of our Lord as a way of setting guidelines of right or wrong. Keeping each of us on what should have been the straight and narrow when dealing with the circumstances of right or wrong.

“Old I can not tell a lie,” George Washington believed not in the political commentary between two factions, or what the different churches thought about something. He was talking about what you try to teach your daughters, what all parents try to teach their children. RIGHT FROM WRONG, Sovereign nation, and Freedom.

You made some good points to-day (Here is where I may get kicked out of my ACFW.) about how religion try to be controlling. You know for a fact that I believe in the Lord. I believe in the spirituality of the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am not a regular church goer mainly because I haven’t found a Religion (the proper formed church that has the right to tell me what I can and can’t do.) Now I am not putting down any said religion. If one person gets one iota of something out of it that puts him on the right track to a better life. He can worship at the Church of the Holy Purple People eaters for all I care.

To this day I do not feel that any one group, any one faction, has the right to tell me what I believe in.(That includes you Jason) I also don’t believe that a Catholic Priest should or can tell people how they should live in their marriage when the said Priest hasn’t ever been married. (Hey if the Catholics want to trust the guy that’s their business.) Organized religion has its place in a lot of people’s lives. I’m all for that. Just not in mine at the moment.

I personally got saved by going through a really rough time and listening to a Gaither Vocal Band Cd. I asked our Lord Jesus Christ for help and he entered my life. I did go on to a church and was baptized. I continually fight day in and day out to keep the spirituality and Joy that I received from that particular instance. I don’t find the peace and joy sitting in a room full of opinionated people who continue to try to tell me how I should be living my life. When those same up righteous people are out on Saturday night getting drunker than I ever thought about getting.

The people who truly believe in our lord Jesus and all his teachings use their Spirituality to teach. but not by cramming their opinions down people’s throats. I guess Jason what I’m trying to say is the Religion is controlling the Spiritualism of it isn’t.

The point of gay marriage will be fought over and over again, just as abortion will, just as the slavery was. (Yeah I know but go read the emancipation proclamation speech of President Abe Lincoln) and we will have a whole new can of worms to open and argue over.

To quote one more time.
“May God Bless us everyone.” Charles Dickens (The Christmas Carol)

Southern Voices that have been Called to the Lord.

I read  yesterday where the Great Jessy Dixon was called home to be with the Lord. Jessy is probably best know for being a regular on the Gaither videos. People didn’t know that he’d written everything from choral material, to songs that had been recorded by Cher, Diana Ross. He opened for Paul Simon and Played piano for Earth,Wind, and Fire. He also had quite a following in Europe for his gospel work.

In the past ten years we have lost several from the Southern Gospel field. It saddens me to think that we are losing so many from that field. This is music that I was listening to while staying with my Grandparents in Southern Indiana.

People like the Happy Goodman family. Vestal and Howard were wonderful together. Vestal had a voice that rivaled Kate Smith and Ethel Merman. When she opened her mouth not only could you hear her love of the Lord. You could feel it.

I loved J.D Sumner with his bass voice. The Cathedrals were the best on the old camp meeting songs.
Mom and Pop Speers, Hovie Lister and Jake Hess. All of who will be greatly missed.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the young people that are carrying on the southern gospel Tradition. The Isaac’s, Jeff and Sherri Easter, all of the Gaither Vocal Band.( Old and new). Jason Crabb, Charlotte Church, Candy Christmas and so many wonderful singers.

But there was just something magical when the older Southern Gospel singers took the stage. They opened their mouths and you felt God in the room with you tapping his feet. The sound drifted through the walls and you realized that you had been touched by God.

Thank you Jessy and all of the Southern Gospel performers that have gone on a head to perform in the Heavenly Choir.

That’s one Choir I hope to see one day.

Blessings all

Gwyn Weyant