New author no support.

I stay in contact with one or two younger authors that are just starting out. One asked me not to use her name she has her contract but has not picked the name she is using to publish under yet. And the second woman like me Isn’t worried about things.

The debate in question was and I quote “Why is it so hard for new authors to get  reviews to help them out. Jane told me that she can’t even get her sister to read her book. And Terri (the lady with the contract) said that she had lots of critique  buddies so she has lots of review help.

In my own experience I seem to have people that are buying my book but don’t want to help by putting up a review? I have even gone as far as (like any author) and bought the books and sent the books out for review and still nothing.

Jane believes that it is because family don’t want to believe that the person has done well. Terri thinks it’s pure shock that a new author has got the contract to begin with.

Well I don’t have critique partners because I drove semi and  never got to join a critique group because I never felt it was right that someone would help me and then me not be able to participate fully with the group.

So how does one motivate people to review?
Time money and effort or pure tenacity?

Thoughts, discussion or how about a mud flinging contest?

What romance means to me.

The caress of her cheek,  the flowers that arrived for no reason. The day spent with a young girl whose mother your trying to impress.

Fixing someone dinner because you can, not because you have to. Sitting in a comfortable silence and speaking volumes. Talking for hours and not saying anything.

Watching the man your falling in love with care for your child. Having him care enough to argue with you, and still be willing to hold you.

Holding you. Does not mean rushing you to bed. While pretending to care.

Romance and Love manifests itself So old or new romance never goes out of style.

Past American Christian Fiction Writers Conferences.

This weekend the AMERICAN CHRISTIAN FICTION WRITERS CONFERENCE was held in Dallas. It would have been my third one of these to go to. But because of a lifestyle change it was not possible for me to go this year.

So here is my blog on my previous experience at these events.  My first conference was at Indianapolis. A great experience. I went to classes by Tracie and Jim Peterson and Kaye Dacus.

Rachelle Gardner taught me enough about a fifteen minute pitch to get my manuscript asked for by Mary Sue Seymour. She ended up passing on the manuscript but taught me what to expect. “She told me that publishing takes a long long time.” Those words are forever burned in my memory.

I met James Scott Bell and have bought everything he has out on writing. Jeff Gerke’s book “How to write Christian Fiction.” sits on my bookshelf as well.

I had my first critque done by Jill Williams, which provided my first real professional encouragement.  When I walked in I was nervous and scared, Brandlyn Collins and Debby Mayne offered encouragement to a first writing that was seriuosly thinking about giving up writing. “Thank you Debby for that two and a half hour mentoring session. You are a gracious lady for taking that time with me.”

Cara Putman took time to pray with me before my first agent meeting with Terry Burns. “Thank you Cara. You have a precious little boy.”

Mr. Terry Burns you are joy , you helped a first time writer and taught her so much in just a few short minutes. You were also kind to let me talk with you at last years conference. Wish I could have been there to say hello this year.

There are others that I can’t begin to name them all Keli Gwyn, Joyce Hart, Tamela Hancock Murray, Steve Laub,

I can only Thank you for all your help and pray I will see you back in Indianapolis next year.  You have all helped me become a published author.Along with christian fellowship that is often so needed.


Exciting news.

After much praying,crying and debate. I feel I am ready to go a head with my own website. Just how or what format I am going to use is still up for debate. ( anyone want to flip the coin?) 

That means things are going to change shortly. When the grand unveiling comes to into being. I’ll let you know.

It may not happen until much later in the year. I have a lot going on with the book coming into play for Boroughs, editing of a novel is taking place. I have six weeks left of school starting next Monday. Plus an externship and certification all by the end of November. How did time fly so fast. (Also that does not include job hunting.)

So please expect major changes in my blogs and my website.

May God bless and keep you.

Thank Rachelle Gardner/Room for all.

I just finished reading your blog. I thank you for saying out loud what I have been thinking.

Times and publishing are changing and anybody who doesn’t change with them is going to be left behind. Is there room for traditional, self-publishing, e-publishing, and anything else that comes along.  Certainly just as mechanics of writing of changed.(I remember a time when it was proper to put a comma in front of a but.)

There are a lot of publishing houses that won’t take a chance on new authors because they don’t meet the publishers standards. But an e-pub might think the work is just what they need.

Agents will still have work they will be on the cusp of the next big thing that will need selling, advisement, or need a contract looked over to see if it’s legal. This can come from all of the above types of publishing.

Authors, publishers, and agents will all survive by being FLEXIBLE. It really doesn’t matter what area of publishing you take. What does matter is that your flexible enough to move with the flow.

I’m not saying one is any easier than another I am not stupid enough to do that. While self-publishing isn’t for me. It is right up someone elses alley. They all take hard work writing,editing, and in management.

So stay the course, work hard, find the area that is right for you.  Learn the craft
(Can I say that again?) Learn the craft, and get good advice from people you trust and be flexible enough to change if needed. That will achieve the quality in whatever publishing that Rachelle is talking about.

My Imagination

To this day very few people from the past would believe that I would be anything like I am today.

I was considered by my family to have my head in the clouds. Maybe even a little odd. They all knew that my imagination was wild. I didn’t focus my imagination that they could see. I lived in a fantasy world.

It was not until about 2003 or there abouts that I started writing. I put my imagination to work in tje form of a story.

I knew nothing about writing but according James Scott Bell you can be taught. Which by the way, he is the best of several to make you understand the mechanics of writing, along with Stephen king’s On Writing, Bob Mayer is another one I have recently discovered. Writers digest, and Writing Basics are the magazines.

I learned what I needed to know to become a better writer. Don’t get me wrong I am not Nora Roberts, or Tracie Peterson. I am a person with a dream that is coming true. I am taking the first baby steps to what I hope will be a long career.  I write stories your parents can be proud of. Whether it be our Father God,or my parents, Avis and Norman Qualkinbush.

So learn everything you can possible learn about the craft never give up on learning or your dreams . (Besides it helps you sleep at night .)


I am Pleased to announce that on 8/14/2012. I signed a publishing deal with Boroughs Publishing Group for my story  GREASE STAINS AND LOVE SONGS.

Boroughs Publishing Group is a e-publishing Publisher.  Just when the story will be out for sale. It is to early to tell. I will keep you updated as I find out.

I again want to thank everyone that has shown Faith in my writing.


Gwyn Weyant