Hello my friends !

Sorry I have been out of commission  due to work. I am no longer driving over the road so I am going to finish the story. I am very thankful that you are still willing to read my stuff. So God bless you and I  hope you’ll be reading more shortly.

How does one meet mentors and friends in new genres

I am changing genres. Not just romance to erotic romance or paranormal. I am changing from romance to thriller, psychological.
Eventually, I intend to join the ITW.org
International Thrill Writers organization.
In the mean time, are the people who would like to get together and talk to a newbie?
Is there a way to talk to people who are interested in these genres before joining?
If there is please contact me a by leaving a comment. I would love to talk to you.
It would be so nice to talk to people who Don’t get a glazed look on their face when I mention the current murder my character is completing.

Gwyn Weyant

Memorial Day.

They talk about Memorial Day. But very few know what that means. Memorial day is known as race day in Indianapolis, for the Car race.

Memorial day was to give respect and honor for those who gave their lives in battle. Federally Recognized in 1911. But it honors all wars going back to the Civil war, World  War one and two, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and our current military wars in Afgahastan and middle East.
In my book it doesn’t matter whether you believed in why we were involved but it does matter that we give our Military men and women the acknowledgement they deserve for being and protecting us. So without further ado. I am listing the few personal people that I know that is past and present.
Norman F. Qualkinbush, John Hicks, Jack Qualkinbush, Ross Qualkinbush all the men from the  Hicks that have served . this includes Cheryl’s son, Janice and Ron Payne’s, and any of the others I know that have served.
All my uncles Clair smith, Carl Owen, Robert Durham, Donald McBride, Frank McBride, to the cousins that have served.
Bob Davis, Kitti Sweeney, Don and Bob Record, Charlie Bain, Holt Burton,and Holt Buford Weyant, all of the Weyant nieces, nephews, Danny Weyant, to the in going family members. Billy Brandon’s daughter Tiffany, Robert Luther Fodge, Robert Lynn Fodge.
Joe Schmaltz, Doug Wagner.

I know there is at least two dozen more that I can’t think of. Patty Fodge’s brother for one. Plus all the classmates that have served our country. So any one I may have missed Thank You, I hope that this feeble attempt pays tribute to the people that have given so much to keep this country free.

Sadness that doesn’t heal.

A friend from high school is having to bury her son this week. There is no amount of sympathy that can possibly help for my friend and the rest of the family.

No one should have to bury a child. No one should have to sit in a doctor’s appointment and be told that the procedures they have already done didn’t work. Or they have quit working. They can’t explain why. But your son isn’t going to live.

No woman who has ever given birth can forget that sweet child being handed to her the first time at the hospital. The first smile, the tears in the eyes, the first steps, the first triumph of that son. Whether it be grades, sports, boy scouts or the first snow shoveled driveway of that child.

The fights with his brother the trouble he got into with his friends. At some point realizing that little boy has turned into a friend, a brother, a comedian, a best friend that hurts when his mother does. The realization that he has turned into a man. Yet he will always be that little bundle wrapped on a blue blanket that she held close when he cried. No a mother should never have to go through this.

This is the best I can possibly do in tribute. I am not a mother in the way that my friend is. But I hope with this post I can show my friend that my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

May Scottie Breeden rest in peace. He was a brother, a friend, a son to his father and most of all an angel to his mother.

Last of Jan. 2014

Who would have thought this month could go by so fast. So here is what’s going on.

It has been the worst cold in a lot of years in Indiana.

I have lost a close friend that has a mental illness. She is in the hospital.

Writing has made me blue. Due to no one is interested in my stories.

Work is picking  up leaving me less time to write.

So happy new year to 2014. Hope it is a Happier for everyone involved.

I intend to make 2014 a lot better year. Happier, Healthier, and more upbeat.

Going away for the Holiday.

In recent months time away has come at a premium. I worked all but two weekends for two months. Well taking the plunge I quit my job on Friday. I went to work at a new company on Tuesday and then on Wed. Today..I worked my rear off.

I hauled tens loads today. That was more than I Had all last week.

I am leaving tomorrow for Missouri. Can’t hardley wait. Most of what I call family will be there. My sister and brother-in-law,their sons and daughter. My brothers wife and daughter not sure if brother is coming or not, he may be working. And an aunt.

So as we go into the Holiday let’s not forget why we have the wonderful day to party with friends. Let’s give Thanks for the men and women who gave us our freedom. May they come home safe.


First day of spring.

Spring is here at least according to the weatherman. But when it’s less than twenty degrees at night it’s kinda hard to believe it. Even through the neighbors crocus are blooming and the Robins and Blue birds are here.

The skies are beautiful. And the old saying March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion is appropriate this March. With more snow and rain mix planned for the weekend.

But today in the air even though it was brisk there was something in the air that gave the feeling of Spring. Maybe it was the idea of it. But the smell was different.

So even though it’s cold out take a deep breath and see if you notice it also. Maybe it is because Easter is a short week away.

But may we all be blessed, during this season of renewal.