Death Fire 24

“I don’t know what happened to the bicycle. How could I  know?”He snapped.
“I only asked thinking you might have caught something I missed.” I eased Dan into a trot.  Brick walls that man was as stoney as they came. No,
more like concrete.
Well to heck with him, the day was warm. I was going to enjoy the adventure  even if it killed me and broke his attitude of what a strong woman was. I  didn’t need his bull.
I  began to think about what I  had to do when I  got back. It was then when I first  noticed something coming toward us. It looked hazy like you get with a hot asphalt road. There was no road, no way for mirages to be thrown up on this ground.
I  really couldn’t decide what I  was looking at until it stopped in front of old Dan. The dear old soul stopped and wouldn’t budge. I have never known Dan to be skittish  about anything but that poor horse was ready to turn tail and run for the barn.
“Easy big guy it’s not going to hurt you.” The figure came into sight in all its ethereal beauty. A good looking young man of about twenty. He had dark hair and deep brown eyes. He walked right up to Dan and gently patted my old horse. Softly he asked,” where can I find my Roberta? I have been looking all over for her.”
“Are  you James?” I was beginning to be more unnerved by the minute.
“Yes ma’am I  am. A little friend of mine says that Roberta is causing trouble. I  have to help her.”
Josh rode up looking straight into the eyes of the ghost of his Father. He said, “My mom is very angry and confused because of your death and what my grandfather did to her. She needs your help bad. She is hurting people. We are going to try and find her. If you’d come along it might help.”Josh told the fading man.
“Your mother that makes you the baby Roberta carrying. How long has it been? How long have I been dead?”
“I’m thirty-nine. So you have been dead about forty years.” Josh and I watched the man shake his head.
“I’ll be around.” The specter said as he faded out.
Okay, Joshua’s family were all dysfunctional from both sides. It’s no wonder why the man wouldn’t open up.
“Well, that was interesting,” He said.
Before I could say a word. There was a electricity to the air. My hair began to stand on end. There was a huge rush and a loud bang. The wind picked up and old Dan had had enough he reared and I started off his back. I managed to land on my feet and grabbed the reins. I kept a tight hold on them. He turned to run instead put his head against me and trembled. I looked over his head and saw Roberta standing there.