Death Fire 23

I waited for Josh at the edge of the opening to the bottoms. Since the rain had stopped. The water was receding. I tried to be understanding toward his brooding silence. The man was starting to tick me off. I’m not some shrinking flower. Hey I can live with the fact he doesn’t want me. But I would like to think he didn’t hate me. “Screw this he can catch up.” I urged old Dan down into the bottoms. I came back to this area because I loved where I grew up. I still had friends here and I do not have to worry about meeting a office schedule all the time. My daily walks kept me in decent shape for being in my mid thirties I didn’t look to bad. I have been told I could pass for twenty-eight.
Stopping at the bottom of the hill to give Dan a rest. I am not willing to worry about a man. Who, what in the world . I pulled up my binoculars to see what I was watching.
What I saw was what looked like a bicycle that was flashing and what looked like the cyclone from the electrical charge going hard across the bottoms tearing up cotton as it went.
Then just as it had begun it disappeared into oblivion. There had been only a small cyclone of dust.
I put down the binoculars and whistled had Josh been right could this be something that the army didn’t want us to known about?
“I’m thinking that was some strange looking bicycle.” Josh said as he came up on Hellion.
” Then you saw it?”
“Yea I saw it. I have heard rumors on a project being worked on. But I know for a fact it was scraped when three people were killed. Those three men were my best friends. They were all orphans. The commander said that the mission was not to go to anyone that had any family of any kind. The testing was done when they went to check men there wasn’t one of them left. Just remenates of broken bones and torn uniforms. Mitch, Dave and Scott were considered experienced and expendable. Because they had no family.”
We rode in silence for a while.
“What happened to the bicycle?”

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