Chapter 19 Death Fire

The next couple of days seemed to take forever to pass. Josh had to catch up on his calls. I  found out he is the only veterinarian in a twenty mile range.
I  was a little luckier. Jack Deacons Teeney’s soon to be stepfather was a doctor from down Huntington way. He wanted to work in this area. He and I talked and he decided to come in with me. He had specialized in psychology so it would be a blessing to have him in the area. I  was covering for Dr. Weston and he was  talking about staying in Missouri.
I  took dinner over to Josh  a couple of days later unannounced.  His place was a small shack that from the outside was nothing but barn boards. The dog in the yard growled. He was huge and looked as if he were half bear and half wolf. After swallowing hard I noticed the door opened.
“What in the world are you doing here?”
“I brought dinner. Is that a problem? I heard you were doing pregnancy checks of the Orman’s herd today I thought you might enjoy not having to cook tonight. But if you don’t want fresh greenbeans, ham and new potatoes.I can take this back with me.”
“You do and I’ll sic Roberta on you. Come on in. Jeb now you lay down and be good.”
I  reached into a plastic bag and tossed the dog a ham knuckle. The dog caught the bone and went over and laid down. Licking the bone.
“I guess I  should have asked first.”
“Your spoiling both of us. We could get
used to it.”

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