Death Fire 16

“Okay so where do we start?”I asked Josh. “If we don’t find her there is no telling what will happen next. Even if she’s a ghost she’ll be at Ina’s funeral.”
I watched Jack and Debbie come in with the kids. Teeney was holding on to Jack’s hand. He picked the child up and put her in the booster seat. Teeney had on a birthday hat. I remembered Teeney used to play with Sammy.
“Be right back.” Stepping over to the other table.
“Excuse me I have a question for Teeney. Sweetie have you heard from Sammy lately?”
Teeney shook her head no “I won’t either he is going far away so the evil won’t find him.” She began coloring the place mat.
“When did he tell you this?” I asked looking at Debbie and Jack.
“Honey tell Doctor Ella.” Debbie said
“I can’t he asked me not too. Before he disappeared.” Teeney continued to color.
Jack stood up to talk to me. “Debbie
Is worried about Teeney. She is telling stories about some pretty outrageous things. Look at the picture she’s coloring.”
Looking down at the drawing was a little figure and the cyclones with red white and blue in it.
“Teeney, have you seen this someplace?”
“No Sammy told me about it. He thinks its started because of him. He thinks it wants him.”
“Will you do me a favor if you talk to Sammy, tell him to come talk to me. Tell him that we are working to make it stop okay?” Teeney smiled at me.
“I’ll tell him. If he comes back.”
“Debbie ,Jack I can’t tell you right now what’s going on but Teeney isn’t involved as far as we know other than she is a messenger. I don’t believe she’ll be involved otherwise. Happy Birthday Teeney.” Debbie smiled in relief.
Going back to the table we sat talking I caught the guys up on what I’d learned from Teeney.
“Okay I don’t believe Sammy is alive Teeney specifically he disappeared as if he faded out maybe an apparition. We need to go talk to Ronald’s wife. We need to know what Ronald’s involvement in this is.

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