Death Fire 15

I never got to answer the man’s question because Sheriff Whitey Story came in white faced. He sat down beside Josh. Leaning forward he said “Josh, Ella I need help or we are not going to have a town and county left.” His voice cracked as he continued talking. “As I came back to town, I was driving past the cemetary out on the Wilson place. Ronald Wilson was hanging from the big ole oak at the edge of the road. His legs still kicking he had his hands in the noose around his neck. He was fighting with every breath in his body. I jumped out to see if I could help him. I almost got to him. When a woman told me, No you can’t help the devil. I won’t allow it. The next thing I know those crazy winds started again the lightening and the static charge enveloped his body and the fire started I saw it burn the noose but he never fell to the ground.”
The waitress came over bringing him coffee. He drank it down before she left with the pot. She poured him a second cup.
After she left his color was a litter better he was no longer clammy. He continued.
“Ronald hung suspended in the air. When those confounded winds started the bottom of the cyclone went up Ronald’s body and wrapped the tail around his neck. It held him there while it twisted his neck.I saw him strangled. That was when the fire and charge started he hung inside the fire and burnt to a pile of ash. Before the wind quit the woman’s voice said she would get rid of everyone that kept her from seeing her son.”
Staring at each other Josh and I said together, “Roberta.”
“Whitey, what did this woman look like?”
“Pastie white her hair was wild and dark. Her lips were blood red. She seemed to hover above the ground. She stepped out of the fire when she talked to me and then went back into it raising her arms as she stepped in the fire then she and Ronald were gone. A piece of chard rope was left. When I picked it up it went up in smoke in my hand.” The man was still shaking as he continued, “Mrs.Wilson, stood beside me and crossed herself saying the devil has come to our county. Ronald was a bad man he deserved what happened to him.” She turned and walked back to the house.

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