3 comments on “Death Fire 15

  1. Ellouise Adams says:

    Mornin’, Gwyn,

    I eagerly await the next installment. 

    The tension at the end of each installment makes this read wanting more.  I try to satisfy my eagerness with a re-reading of the installments presented so far. 

    I find that your main characters are well developed to the point they need to be for each installment.  You do not take a character and develop the character the way it would be at the end of the storyline.  (That is a practice used by some, but they make very little impact on the reading public. It is difficult to make the roof before the walls are in place.)

    The storyline is tight, at times perhaps a bit too tight.  Maybe a little bit more about the rain storm and its effect on the town and the people.  Why the town has a doctor and another person serving as the coroner?

    There is one little thing that I see you have occasional problems with–word choice, word tense and spelling.  It is by far one of the most common set of problems that plagues anyone who attempts to put thoughts and ideas on paper.

    Next installment please. Ellouise Adams

    • gweyant says:

      Thank you ellouise for your concise remarks. I love your comments due to the fact I find out where you as a reader think there are problems and I can work on fixing those areas. Very much appreciate you.

    • gweyant says:

      Ellouis I have updated the first two chapters please read and let me know what you think. I thank you in advance.

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