Death Fire 13

Josh and I hit the diner for dinner. A small local place that served the best food in town. Designed in the fifties with red and white checked table clothes cokes and juke box. So retro you could almost see the bobbersoxers, poodle skirts, and t-shirts with the cigs rolled up in the sleeves. Come to think of it that pretty much summed up the clientele of Rennie’s. Poodle skirts had been replaced by jeans for nearly everyone.
“Okay I have some questions?”Josh looked at me as if I had just said, I wanted to slit his throat.
Sighing “Go ahead.”
“Just which sister is your Mom? Imagene, Margaret, Ida, Lorraine, Roberta, Nelda? I am excluding Ina since I know she was your aunt.” I leaned back in my seat.
He chuckled in a deep voice. He looked over his glass of sweet tea at me. His eyes laughing at me.
Looking at him. It hit me I could see his Mom in him.
It must have shown on my face. I don’t know if he realized by my reaction that I knew.
“You are Roberta’s son.” I blurted out.
“Yes Roberta or Bobby Sue as my Grandfather called her. She ran off shortly after I was born.”
Our food came and I found my appetite had vanished. In fact the food made my stomach queasy.
“Ella, do you know something about her?”
“She is probably the reason I went into medicine.”
It took a few minutes for him to inhale the food and to digest what I had said.
Finally he asked, “tell me every thing you know please.”

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