Death Fire 9

“What do you mean Sammy isn’t here?”
“I was checking the bodies and doing a cursory examination and Sammy is not among the others.”
Josh pushed by me and went in to check for himself.
No logical explanation. Looking up to the heavens I glanced over the top of the shack. It also didn’t make sense, there was three holes in the roof of the little building.
How odd they looked. Like gremlins or the devil had burst through those holes but didn’t go through the ceiling of the main room.
“Joshua, are there holes in the ceiling?” I called from the door of the dilapidated cabin.
“Um yes there are three small ones maybe eighteen inches across. Why?” His dark eyes looked puzzled.
I pushed my blond hair out of my eyes. I pointed to the roof. “Then how come on the outside the roof is pushed out and it looks like a explosion happened?

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