Death Fire 8

“What in the all that is Holy could have made these blood splatters? What could have thrown a full grown two hundred and fifty pound man with enough force to leave this kind of splatter?” His face was pale. He had just given voice to what I was thinking.
I watched him go out to use his phone. I looked over the family again. There was trauma to the heads of both Kevin, Molly, the parent’s of Steven,Richard, Sammy and little Daisy.
Steven had head trauma and splintered forearm.
Richard again with the fractures of the cranium and limbs along with lacerations of face and arms.
Daisy, that poor baby’s chest was caved in at least she hadn’t suffered. She most likely died instantly.
Sammy, where was Sammy? He wasn’t amongst the bodies of his family members. I rechecked he wasn’t there.
I hit the door as Josh came up the steps.
“Sammy isn’t here.” I sobbed.

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