Death Fire 7

Josh, this place is too quiet. I have never known the Maison house to be silent.”
I started up the steps of the cabin when he said
“Hey Doc hold up a minute.” He stood looking at the dog. Shaking his head. “We do not go in without a gun.”
“Why?” I asked
“Because this dog has part of a butcher knife in him. I am betting we have something horrible in that shack.” Going to his truck he pulled out a revolver and extra shells.
“Let me go first.”He said.
Nodding and waiting for him to go in. I couldn’t help feeling a slight panic. What had happened to these people?
I waited as he went through the door. It seemed like forever before he came back out. “You can come in, but its not pretty.”
Entering the cabin the family wasn’t there that we could tell.
It didn’t make sense a dead dog, and unmade beds.
Leaning over what I thought were dolls. I realized that it was the entire Maison family laying in a pile like toys that were tossed away.
“Josh, if you can get a signal on that phone you better get state police out here.”
He had been looking at the walls of the shack. The walls looked as if someone had thrown red paint on them in random spots. No reason or rhyme just a spot here and there, some small and others larger.

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