Death Fire 11

“What under ground river? This whole area is coal mine.” Josh asked.
“No the coal mine ends about two miles west of here. There’s a big wall of rock that they never blasted through. The opening of the river is another two miles east of here I remember as a teen going to see it.”
“Sheriff is there anything down there that could have done this? And don’t sugar coat it something big has killed a whole family and possibly carried off a young boy. Now what do you know?”
“Ella, for sure I don’t know. I was just starting out on the department when the river was found. Old sheriff Ben Calhoun took a bunch of seasoned officers and went down there and when they came back not one person would talk about what they’d seen. I have been in there as far as the rock wall but I have never gone any farther so as far as I know no there is nothing that would kill a family like this.”
“Sheriff, what is that smell?” I asked as fumes from hell seemed to pour out of the hole the sheriff and Josh grabbed a hold of me as they ran out of the shack.
We barely hit the far side of the lane. When a whistling started and a wind began to blow tornado gusts of wind seem to envelope the inside of the shack. As the wind circled faster and faster a red fire, white and blue charges of electricity seemed to come up through the middle of the cyclone the cyclone divided into three and blew three new holes into the roof of the shack. The corpses of the Maison family were flying around the inside of the shack being beaten against walls. The wooden shack caught fire from the combined fire and electricity. It began to burn around the cyclones. It burned inside and out when the cyclones died away there was nothing left. No bodies, no furniture, no walls just a burnt ash. The cyclones dropped back down into the hole in the ground. The whole thing never lasted ten minutes. The strangest part of it. The ground was cool. No heat was left from the fire. The vehicles were unharmed and not a burn spot anywhere.
“Well so much for autopsies? What was that?”
“The reason the lost river was closed.”

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