Death Fire 10

Sheriff Whitey Story came sliding into the area in front of the shack. There would have been a ton of dust had it not been for the rains.
“Hey doc, got a call from state asking me to come help you. They got a major mess down at the state capital with the president being in town. I got the funeral homes coming to take them bodies to the county morgue for you.” He stared at me as he listened to how we found the bodies.
“Sheriff little Sammy is missing his body is not here, and the dog has a butcher knife in it.” I have always prided myself in being able to handle whatever came along. But doing these autopsy’s were going to kill me.
“Now Ella I know this ain’t gonna be easy but your all we got. State can’t get here and Old Doc Weston just drove off with his wife heading to Missouri for his granddaughter’s wedding.”
“Hey Doc need you in here. You too Sheriff.” We stepped up on the porch and followed Josh into the shack.
“I was standing over here and I heard something. I pulled the door open in the closet to find a hole in the back of it. I been trying to figure where it went when I thought I heard sobbing.”
“If you did the boy is more than a thousand feet down at the under ground river. I’ll have some of my men make a trip down there but truthfully its probably the wind. Haven’t seen any one yet survive a fall onto the rocks down below.”

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