Death Fire

The rain poured down on the county. Cleansing the air of the stench,and the brown haze. A summer thunderstorm the weatherman had said. That was a full week ago. It continued to rain so hard the mountains began to run down in streams of mud. The first hill collapsed after the third week of rain. By the time it did the measurable amount showed twenty inches plus.
Truth of the matter it was no longer an issue of actual amounts. The threat became people drowning in mud. Also the threat of bad water and influenza seemed to be the worst of the situation.
In this area between black lung from coal mining, the saw dust from the logging the place hadn’t changed much since I grew up here as part of the orphaned children.
I grew up at a time when they closed down the orphanage and farmed us out to locals to raise for added income. I got lucky the couple that took me in were good to me. They were old stock. They didn’t care how rotten a child was they loved them any way. Their natural born son was the rotten he died while trying to rob the bank in Charleston, WV. I grew up and became a doctor.
I wish they had lived long enough to know they had done a good job of parenting.
The only revenue in this part of the mountains was coal mines, farming, and logging. The county administration held two jobs to support their families. Which is how I ended up in the situation I was in.

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