Death Fire post 2

Today the sun shown for the first time since the rain started. It has the most wonderful warm feel to it. It is even drying the top to the layer of mud that’s everywhere. People are starting to shovel their homes out. Walking to the normal places I go. I can check on people without being obvious about it.
I saw Daniel Elkton out helping Mrs. Carrow it was cute. He’s at least seventy-five and she’s ninety if she’s a day.
I also spied little Teeney Grossman selling mud pies on the corner of main and elm. I brought one for a nickle. “Teeney how did you hurt your hand?I noticed she had a band aid on it.
” I was checking Arlo’s milk and it was too hot. So I had to let it cool before I fed him cause mommy fell asleep after work. Please don’t get cross with Mom Dr.Ella, she is working two jobs. The drugstore and the old truck stop.” Debbie came out the door with a good looking man of about forty. He kissed Debbie.
“Doctor Ella, I want you to meet Jack Deacons . My fiancé.” Teeney started jumping up and down “You mean it Jack’s staying for good and be my Daddy?” She threw her muddy hands and arms around the man’s knees.
After congratulating the couple I continue walking.
So its a given in my rounds that I should check on the Maison family but they must have left at the first day of rain. I couldn’t find them.
I did find the body of Mrs. Collette she’d died in her bed. There are times I hate being the Lake county coroner.

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