Death Fire 6

Bouncing along in his truck. Nothing was said we drove down to the Maison bottoms the area stood under water. Nothing new the river was less than a quarter mile away after twenty some inches the river ran over its banks. We could see the small shack that was the Maison’s but no noise came from anywhere. We are talking two adults and four very boisterous children. I spent hours helping a very new mother try to keep her sanity. Three sons and the only daughter in four generations. All four children took after their parents. The boys were strong and sure with dark hair, and Daisy worshiped her big brothers, dark headed, shy bit of a girl of eighteen months old. The boys ranged from ten, seven and five.
We got to the cabin and nothing seemed right, no noise of any kind. The dog never looked up. He lay sprawled with huge gash in his side that held a butcher knife. Poor old thing had died instantly.
“This can’t be good.” Josh said.

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