Death Fire 5

“Joshua, do you know the Maison family from the upper ridge?”
“Yep, they were heading out to their cotton field as the rain started. Mrs Maison asked about Aunt Ina. Is there a problem?”
I hesitated to answer. Those dark eyes seemed to bore holes into me, they didn’t quite match up with the smile he attempted to give me.
“I have been checking on the baby and I haven’t been able to find them. I guess I’ll have to wait again. I don’t have a vehicle to get to the bottoms.” Since being back in the area and setting up my practice as a family doctor and helping the county as coroner I had not had time to see about a four wheel drive that I wanted.
“Well doc, come on I’ll take you out there.” The offer surprised me. But I let him take me. That baby needed looking at. I suspected some abuse from the parents, more from stupidity than actual malice.

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