I must explain my last post.

Sometime ago I wrote a story that wasn’t worth a fig.  The only thing I kept out of it was a female character. Who was so insane that I wrote five thousand words on her just to get her out of my mind.
There is only one problem. She is still lurking in the forbidden recesses of my mind.
Because she hides in those dark areas, she has managed to kill her ex boyfriend, and her best friend, her adoptive mother, her real mother and her biological sperm donor father, her sister and a slum lord. Oh yes there was a pimp, a truck driver, and a hateful old lady that she swears she didn’t kill. But she is in love with the woman’s nephew.
Now the nephew (a cop) has her locked away so she can’t kill again.
She is locked away behind four locked doors.( and that’s just to get to the main floor of the house.) All the doors lock by remote and when the final lock is in place. It completes a circuit of electricity that electrifies all the windows of the house.
Now to finish this book. I had to decide whether I wanted it nice and neat or gory. (hence the last post on chosen murder methods)
Well the verdict is still out on that but one thing is for sure.
This woman’s brain is fried by the end of the book. Will she continue to live with the millionaire or will he succeed in keeping her from the world.
Red Haze is still under construction but one thing is for sure she has become more interesting since the last revision.

2 comments on “I must explain my last post.

  1. Gwyn, now your last post makes more sense. I think that most creative people have one major project the are trying to do that for some reason doesn’t get finished because some part of it won’t come out just right and so it sets there in the mind and torments the person, dares the person to finish the project no matter what it is.

    During the day there are so many things to keep our mind busy that the unfinished project stays at the edge or just beyond the edge of our minds, but in the still land between wakefulness and sleep the unfinished project reminds of a job not yet done.

    Keep chipping away at it, Gwyn, and the project will get done in an acceptable manner to you.

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