Life’s little mundane tasks.

So you have the every day job, that drives you nuts. The coworker that seems to be the boss’s favorite. You got passed up for the job because of a glitch in the system. No small relief when that employee didn’t get it either.
The kids come in with a ton of homework and complaining about teachers.
The house is covered in mud and dust the youngest is a class act mud pie maker. The dust is because you haven’t been in the house for the biggest part of two weeks except for meals.
Laundry is stacked to the ceiling because the repairman didn’t show for the washer.
You are ready to scream when you burn the best taco casserole ever.
Hubby comes in with news of a new job cause his company is shutting down. But he will go in at a higher wage and a company car.
You fight getting the kids through homework, baths and for your teenage daughter the drama of her first boyfriend.
By the end of the week. Things are beginning to fall in place. Laundry is done hubby went and bought you a new machine. The job came through for him.
The kids are scrubbed and daughter has moved on to something reasonable horses again.
You sit down to a shoulder rub and a glass of wine. And a phone call that tells you the coworker that gave you fits walked out with the copy machine repair man.
Hubby puts his arm around you gives you a kiss as the kids yell yes that you are the greatest parents ever because vacation is Disneyland.
Such is the daily mundane tasks.

Thoughts about Sunsets

I sit and wonder through the hills and valley’s of my mind and rarely make any progress as to what I am thinking about.
In the last couple of days I am continually thinking about sunsets. Why, if anyone can tell me why I’ll be glad to listen. Then I decided it maybe due to the fractured mess of the past ten days.
Sunsets can be absolutely beautiful they can be bright and sunny leaving you thinking of  bright romantic evenings.
Then there are bright orange and reds that can feel happy like clowns have decorated the sky.
The deep grays that drift into the blues of midnights with the sudden burst of
light that streaks down to the ground with a force that lights up the entire sky.
The clouds that are white and fluffy from one side and dark and foreboding as the wind gathers strength. The first huge drop of rain that gathers several of its kind together and falls to the fields below giving a nourishing drink to the earth below. Only to blow itself out and letting the sky lighten so evening can fall with a coolness that we all enjoy with a sweetness from flowers, hay and grass that’s been mown.
Sunsets are amazing works of arts. That is why they are painted so often they let your mind wonder into a world that might make you go a wandering.
(Okay so it was a bad pun. Got one better please share.)

Marriage to do or not to do.

I sat talking To a young friend. Who has known both my husband and myself for over twenty years.. He told me that he had decided not to get married ever.
I asked home why he had come to that decision. He said, “his parents did nothing but fight before their divorce and it seemed like all you and Uncle; do is fight.”
“Sam, you can not base your decision on my marriage.”
“Why not?”
“Because my first marriage ended because of violence, and control issues that left me unable to completely give my heart to my husband. It makes me question everything he tries to tell me. And my husband had lots of issues with trust. His ex-wife played mind games and lied when the truth would have done more good.”
“Granted we fight but we still love each other. We have both grown changed and learned from each other. I love him more today than I did 27 years ago. I have learned that now is now and past is past.”
“You can argue to clear the air between you but if you keep it in mind that you are a team that works toward a goal and not play a game of tug of war with each others emotions. You can have a good marriage.”
I don’t know if I made any great strides in making a young man change his mind on marriage but I gave him something to think about.