Okay here I go again inserting foot.

I don’t care that people write erotic, more power to them. I just think some of the subject matter has gotten out of hand.
I don’t mind some men and women, woman and woman, or even man on man.( not my cup of tea but whatever floats your boat)
But even the parodies are getting out of hand. Amish vampires in space, and recently I didn’t catch the name about a captive virgin and a billionaire tentacle monster.
In a world that is crazy enough. Is this really necessary? Is this really what we want our daughters finding by accident in moms drawers when she is looking for a needle thread.
Let’s go back to the hot cowboys, the cops and the bad boy millionaires.
I guess I am to old fashioned but if that’s what you have to write to get published. Then I never will be.
Don’t write me and start screaming at me. If you want to read or write this your choice but I don’t see where it is productive, and I certainly don’t want my one And only book to be about The werewolf with tentacles from the land of zombie dark vampires. ( knowing my luck I just gave someone a idea that will make them millions )

2 comments on “Okay here I go again inserting foot.

  1. I don’t blame you, Gwyn, there are enough problems and challenges to write about without going overboard on weird monstrosities attacking females of any age and type or fighting with males of any age and type. Or erotica that goes so far that there is absolutely nothing left to the imagination.
    A little science fiction now and then is ok, even enjoyable if well written and slightly plausible.
    A well written mystery even a murder mystery, again well written, can be an entertaining read.
    Gwyn, keep writing and trying to get published, sooner or later a publisher will print your work and there will be those who will be waiting to read it. Not every reader is anal retentive and needs everything written out in the basest of detail.
    We like to use our imagination and we want fiction that lets us do that. I am, of course, talking about fiction even historical fiction can let us do that. When we read non-fiction then a different set of criteria apply.
    Keep writing, Gwyn, I’ll keep reading your work.

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