Ignorance and stupidity

Since I have gone back on the road I have found the people to be very forthright and a pleasure to be around. But I must have really upset the stars yesterday.
I was in the fine dining establishment known as the iron skillet. Where the waitress and I were laughing and cutting up.
We were talking about the way the country was going. And granted there were some smart mouth remarks made.
When a man stood up and went off on the waitress (who happened to be black) about showing respect to the greatest president in history. She should be glad to have a job and should be doing it and keeping her (racial slur) shut.
I told him if he didn’t hear the whole conversation to butt out.
He informed me that I was a no good job taking ignoramus that didn’t have a clue about what real life was about. I was neither a decent truckdriver or friend to anyone because I couldn’t keep my slutty offensive mouth shut.
Then he proceeded to call me and the waitress every name in the book.
The manager came out and removed the man from the establishment.
But it got me thinking had I been that insensitive in my opinions to people.
So that is what prompted the apology this morning.
May everyone have a better day than my last twenty-four hours.

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