Confusion in writing reigns rampant

In recent months the last 24 months for me anyway I have been trying to take the advice of a very prominent writer. And the one thing that is being pushed is leave reader asking questions. Why does the character have so much fear or,anger? Why is she hanging around with the goofball friend? Why does she put up with the jerk of a boyfriend?
Yet when I do this I am  told that there are not enough answers because as one rejection letter put it. “This story has no merit in today’s society.”

Now I realize that wanting to make people care about your characters is the hardest thing you possibly do. 

But I have a question. Before you start putting stories in the rejection pile? Shouldn’t you actually read more than the first ten pages? Shouldn’t you actually read the story instead of skimming pages and then dumping it as no good?
I get a lot of rejection letters. But not one of the publishers and agents that have sent my rejection letter to me will ever convince me that they actually read the entire manuscript and gave it a fair chance.
All because I don’t have the two main characters at each others throats for the first hundred and fifty pages and then mauling each other the last quarter of the book.
Yes I believe there has to be conflict in a story. I don’t believe it has to be between the two main characters. What happened to a time when people worked together. Do not say its boring because everyday life is not boring and people do work together.
My story was too sweet for some publishers and then I was turned down by a sweet publisher.
I am beginning to think self publishing is the way to go.

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