First load for new Company.

Life knows how to kick your rear end. Then laugh at you as pick yourself up off the floor.
I am sure you folks are all tired of hearing/reading about what’s going on with the van. But time  for an update. The company I went two work for cost me money. Took one to just outside of Detroit and had to deadhead home. (Deadhead the act of going to or from a shipper or consignee without a load to help cover costs.) I dead headed to Elkhart to picked up going to Detroit. No freight coming back so I get back to Gas City and get sent to South bend to go down into Tennessee and they dead head me home over five hundred miles. Then on Tuesday they send me to Huntington to Joliet Illinois. They brought me to the yard in Elmhurst Illinois and couldn’t get me a load out of Chicago going anywhere. That was the last straw. At that point I was making about twenty-five cents a mile. If they had stuck a load of anything on me it would have been better. I quit that afternoon before I even got to Lafayette.
So hubby and I both knew of a company and I called and was hired the same day.
So I have been sitting in Toledo in orientation for two days this week. And  I have already delivered my first load. It looks a lot better sitting here than a week ago.

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