The new adventure begins.

Yesterday I started a business. Oh I have my writing but unfortunately it isn’t paying the bills.  I have been driving as a courier for over 8 months. So when freight went to none at all. I started looking for a new company.
Well I have found one that looks very promising. Good money, long hauls. But the only hit is I am considered a minivan and everything they have is bigger than that. I missed a really good load going to South Carolina because I couldn’t carry 3 pallets.
So yesterday I formed a L.L.C and on Saturday I am going to see if I can trade off the Ford transit connect for one of the new Dodge Pro Master cargo vans.
Am I petrified? You ain’t just whistling Dixie. But at least with the new van I have a variable buffet of places I can work. All across the country. We don’t even have to stay in Indiana.
I intend to work Indiana,Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois,Michigan and Wisconsin. That will keep me in the Three hundred miles that my hubby wants and I’ll be able to get home daily. But I will go out to the five hundred mile range and make Kansas City and Atlanta if needed, just not on a regular basis.

So let the adventure begin.
And maybe the Prozac cause I maybe out of my mind.

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