Okay can we all admit we are screwed by Obamacare?

Let’s face fact the middle class can’t catch an even break. I finally get home for the week only to find out I have to sign up for the great white hope of America. ( yes I as m being very sarcastic)
I have a really bad case of allergies. My van has a recall on it. And Obama Care turned me down.
I have no local Dr. My highly appreciative six month term health is threatening to turn me off. Because I can’t get into my doctor who is never in his office.
So I don’t care whether try out think our dear pres is the great white hope.
He has screwed this country. If you don’t like my opinion. Don’t read my blog.
Because he and the democrats/ no let me correct that. I firmly believe he thinks he is doing a great job.  I will defend his right to his beliefs. But I reserve the right to tell him to take a long walk off a short very deep hole. So I can throw the first shovel of dirt on top of him.
I spent a total of eight hours trying to get health insurance being hung up on a total of four times before I even got to talk to anyone.
To quote westside story. Officer Krumpke krump you. Mr. Obama please apply this to you.

First load for new Company.

Life knows how to kick your rear end. Then laugh at you as pick yourself up off the floor.
I am sure you folks are all tired of hearing/reading about what’s going on with the van. But time  for an update. The company I went two work for cost me money. Took one to just outside of Detroit and had to deadhead home. (Deadhead the act of going to or from a shipper or consignee without a load to help cover costs.) I dead headed to Elkhart to picked up going to Detroit. No freight coming back so I get back to Gas City and get sent to South bend to go down into Tennessee and they dead head me home over five hundred miles. Then on Tuesday they send me to Huntington to Joliet Illinois. They brought me to the yard in Elmhurst Illinois and couldn’t get me a load out of Chicago going anywhere. That was the last straw. At that point I was making about twenty-five cents a mile. If they had stuck a load of anything on me it would have been better. I quit that afternoon before I even got to Lafayette.
So hubby and I both knew of a company and I called and was hired the same day.
So I have been sitting in Toledo in orientation for two days this week. And  I have already delivered my first load. It looks a lot better sitting here than a week ago.

The best and worse two weeks of my belief..

A lot of people have a lot to say about belief these days. Some good others believe it’s their right to ridicule anything that they don’t believe in. Hey its their right or problem all I do is tell my current situation and you can draw your own conclusions,

Maybe I got lucky, maybe God tired of me whining. But less than two weeks ago. I was doing some real questioning about my faith, life, l truthfully started riling  out at the Heavens. ( my job wasn’t doing well freight was non existent) I had not made over two hundred dollars since Valentines Day. My husband has been feeling cheated out of a retirement. I was scared and truthfully hating Indiana.

So here I am going down a back road talking to God. Telling him I know You have a plan. I am trying to be patient. But it isn’t fair to make my hubby work so hard all his life and not get anything for what he’s worked for. I know I am not supposed to question but I am beginning doubt your existence can you give me a sign of some sort so I can be sure of you.

Well I went home and started looking for a new courier job and found a company out of Illinois that is hiring for drivers for the Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin area. Well I applied they were willing to take my transit van on. Well I quit my job last Tuesday after having to turn down a good load because I felt that I needed to run one last load for the company I had been working for. So I went in to run the load and it canceled. So not only was I out the Tennessee load I was out the little local load also. Due to one thing and another I missed loads of upwards of 1500 dollars last week. I was ticked.
Well hubby and I started talking and decided Maybe I had better incorporate just to be safe. So I formed a Limited Liability  Company (waiting on the paperwork to get back.)

Got me a good accountant. Who will file a S corp before its over with and my hubby and I went and bought a 2014 Dodge Pro Master cargo van.
I got a decent price on the van and on the trade in. Interest rate is not to bad and payments are affordable. And the van is big enough if it doesn’t work out with this company I can take it to any company in the country and get on.
I will call in on Monday and hopefully get a load.

Now back to the beginning about faith and belief. This all has gone together super easy. Easier than anything in my life has. I believe that I had some divine
intervention with a whole hearted approval for opportunity.

Belief,fate,lucky all I know is it has made my faith stronger. I have a calm that I have not had for a long time. I feel good about the situation. So thank you Lord, Jesus, or great Spirit. You have me believing again.

The new adventure begins.

Yesterday I started a business. Oh I have my writing but unfortunately it isn’t paying the bills.  I have been driving as a courier for over 8 months. So when freight went to none at all. I started looking for a new company.
Well I have found one that looks very promising. Good money, long hauls. But the only hit is I am considered a minivan and everything they have is bigger than that. I missed a really good load going to South Carolina because I couldn’t carry 3 pallets.
So yesterday I formed a L.L.C and on Saturday I am going to see if I can trade off the Ford transit connect for one of the new Dodge Pro Master cargo vans.
Am I petrified? You ain’t just whistling Dixie. But at least with the new van I have a variable buffet of places I can work. All across the country. We don’t even have to stay in Indiana.
I intend to work Indiana,Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois,Michigan and Wisconsin. That will keep me in the Three hundred miles that my hubby wants and I’ll be able to get home daily. But I will go out to the five hundred mile range and make Kansas City and Atlanta if needed, just not on a regular basis.

So let the adventure begin.
And maybe the Prozac cause I maybe out of my mind.