Valentines Day update

Happy Valentines Day all just thought I would give you an update. My day job today is delivering for edible arrangements. It is a happy delivery. I see why people like doing flowers or these things.

My hubby got me for Christmas as a replacement gift .  James Scott Bell’s online software called the knockout novel based on his great selling book Plot and Structure. I have been working with it on my first police novel. It HAS really opened up my characters and let’s me think of what I need to put in my novel.

The software is in junction with the writing online site. www
which is free. But to get the James Scott Bell perspective. It cost 49.00 dollars and worth every penny. It is some thing I will use over and over again. So I like the way it brings new ideas to you. Along with helping you develop your character’s fully.

So you might want to check it out.

I want to thank James Scott Bell for  developing this wonderful tool.

Again Happy Valentines Day. Be safe and stay warm.

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