Full moon Mayhem!

Well the full moon hit this week and if you believe in Halloween,curses, and “ALL THAT Jazz” then I have a tale fore you.

This week the was no jobs until Thursday when the contractor sent the same job twice. Waiting around for it to get straightened out. Because it sent the same part twice to the customer. They finally cancelled on of them after making me late to deliver by over 40 minutes.

On Friday had my eyes retested complete with dilation. The dilation from the drops that take most people four hours to get back to normal usually takes me twelve or more.
Keeping that In mind by the time I left at six to go after a load in Columbus IN. I was starting to get back to normal.

I was loaded by 7:55 and on my way to Plymouth Michigan.
Around midnight I crossed into Ohio and wasn’t eight miles into the state. When I heard truck and blame. Looking to .y mirror I see a deer had ran full force into my van.

It pushed me onto the side of the road. I found out I couldn’t open my drivers door very far and it pushed my slider door in to the point that it popped the inside panel off the door and completely broke the insulation on the inside of the door.

Once I got the van stopped the was no evidence of the deer other than the damage to the van. I called the insurance company and made a claim. Because of it being a deer. They did not need a police report.

The van was driveable so I took my load up to Plymouth. Only to find the customer was closed (delivery time was 7am)

So I had to sit for five hours.

So I finally got home  (because I didn’t hurry) at a little after one this afternoon.

So much for profit this week. Deductable will eat all of wages.
So was it a death wish by a deer? Or maybe a Halloween curse from years gone by.

I don’t know but enough is enough.


Let’s bring back innocence.

What happened to the days when you could pick up a book and not be scared of what you were getting.
The days when every book was not about sex.

What happened to the days of the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and the Bobbsey Twins. ( showing my age here because no one will remember them but me.)

Well I believe that there is still room for innocence. I remember the first romance novel I ever read by today’s standards it was a sweet story. No sex just the couple being in love.

Back to the days before vampires, werewolves, and monsters walked at every corner.

Back to the time when the cops were tough, the booze was strong, fists were hard and a snitch was not a golden ball in a magic flying game.

Back to the days when the South was hot, the women were softer and the magnolias were always in bloom.

Back to the days when men did not “give a Damn,” when a woman who slept around was a bad girl and there were lots of things left unsaid in and out of the bedroom.

There was that sinful place at the edge of town where only the tough went. Men went to war and girls with bad reputations left town and came back stars.

Back to the days of innocent, sweet, stories. Back to the days of high school sweethearts who married and had the two point five children.

Let’s go back and bring back  the innocence of that time. When even those bad girls got to marry the nice guy. The bad guys got taken to jail and even the hard boiled cop had a  doll.