Eighty-third Birthday.

You would have turned 83 on the twenty-fourth. But to your daughter’s you are ageless. Your were always young, smart, helpful.
You were there for us when we did not know what we needed ourselves.
You taught us right from wrong, even when you thought we wouldn’t ever learn. You nurtured us so when we were ready we could stand on our own two feet.

Now that you have gone on to be with both God and Daddy.
I wish I could tell you so very many things. But most of all Mom. I would like to tell you I love you.

Connie Avis Qualkinbush
SEPTEMBER 24, 1930- July 2010

One comment on “Eighty-third Birthday.

  1. Good reminder Gwyn.

    All to often we find ourselves in this position; we don’t know how much we love some one or how much we owe to some one for helping to develop our character until they are gone from our sight.

    Tell someone right now how much you love them or how much they mean to you.

    Ellouise Adams

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