Bad week

I know that God has a plan for my life. But this week it has felt more like an attack by the devil.
On Monday I went to work and screwed up every load I had. I got them all straightened out but it made for a long day.

On Tuesday, I got my uniforms and the pants were too small.

On Wednesday I wrecked my new transit van. It only had a total of 3900 miles on it. And I hadn’t had the first oil change done yet

Add a respiratory infection and now you have my week.  With the wreck it blows any and all hope of me going to the ACFW CONFERENCE this year.

To say that I need an intervention might be an under statement. But I do know that I am not really going to moan and groan.

I wasn’t happy with my new job. The antibiotics are taking care of the infection. And no one was hurt in the accident.

So overall I’ll survive. Maybe a better week is coming.

Going away for the Holiday.

In recent months time away has come at a premium. I worked all but two weekends for two months. Well taking the plunge I quit my job on Friday. I went to work at a new company on Tuesday and then on Wed. Today..I worked my rear off.

I hauled tens loads today. That was more than I Had all last week.

I am leaving tomorrow for Missouri. Can’t hardley wait. Most of what I call family will be there. My sister and brother-in-law,their sons and daughter. My brothers wife and daughter not sure if brother is coming or not, he may be working. And an aunt.

So as we go into the Holiday let’s not forget why we have the wonderful day to party with friends. Let’s give Thanks for the men and women who gave us our freedom. May they come home safe.