This old world makes you stop and think on a daily basis. But are we thinking about the right things. Do we give God the credit he deserves in our life. Here is a list of things I have been thinking about lately,

Giving praise to our Lord,
Making my prayers more effective,
Praying for our troops
Wondering what is on the other side of the Milky Way ( the cosmos nor the chocolate bar)
Enjoying the early summer evenings
Enjoying my husband of Twenty some years.
Enjoying family
Thanking our Lord for my family and friends.

What I don’t think about on a regular basis,

The Kardashians
What is in style
Office politics( in my company or in the country for that matter)
Who has done what to who on any or all television shows.

What I do care about is giving praise and thanks for my life to the good lord.

One comment on “Contemplation

  1. Ellouise Adams says:

    Gwyn,   How true.  So many people are worried about how much the Kardashians’ latest hundred+ dollar shoe purchase, or some other equally trivial happening that they forget about the things that really matter; the job market, the economy and it’s recovery, the cost of medical care for the average person in this country, where their final home is.

    They fail to consider the true cost of folly, they fail to thank you the one who gives us the good things we have and they fail to thank him even for our adversity in order that we might grow in faith and wisdom.

    Ellouise Adams


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