Everything Good, Counting blessings part 2

My husband of Twenty-six years and I have been through a lot together. All of it seems to happen a year a part. Let me explain:

We were married in Jan of 1987, my father died in October of 1987. We lost my father-in-law in 1988. Then there were deaths of some of our favorite uncle’s, aunts, and so on right up until the deaths of our Mother’s mine in July of 2010,and his in June of 2011.

In that time he and I have gone through money problems due to said divorces, his kids getting to know me and adjusting accordingly.(I am happy to Say that his sons in my book are my son’s.)

We have traveled well over 2,000,000 miles in the box the size of an 8×8 room. (Cab of a semi truck,), saw Disney land on both coasts, Knots Berry Farm, King’ s Island, and gambled in
Both Atlantic city and Las Vegas.

We have fought over bills, golf, bowling, and even had a skunk live under our trailer in Greenwood, Indiana.(not a pleasant time- to remove skunk from under a mobile home remove under pinning just far enough to throw in a can of some sort of bug fogger under the trailer. Then leave for the afternoon. Skunks will leave also Usually with out spraying the trailer. Second advantage to that, it will get rid of any unwanted spiders, ticks roaches or ants)

But I will forever count him as one of the good Lord’s blessings to me. Because he has been there throughout all my problems. The man has stayed by me when most people would have called it quits years ago.

Thank you Holt B. Weyant for being a blessing and the love of my life.

One comment on “Everything Good, Counting blessings part 2

  1. Lori Bunn says:

    Really enjoyed this!

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