Counting my Blessings

 In recent months I have forgotten just how important the above  the above video really is.  We get so wrapped up in a  world of house work and kids that we don’t realize how lucky we really are.  Granted I don’t have kids at home but looking into jobs, and worrying what’s going to happen in the world today for our grandchildren. Makes you worry until there is no way out sometimes.

So taking the advice from the song. I’m counting my Blessings.

1.) Jesus- He came to save us from ourselves. 2.) Let us be thankful that The Lord Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit are always with us and will hear our needs no matter how we speak them.

” For the Great Spirit is everywhere. He hears whatever is in our minds and hearts, and it is not necessary to speak to him in a loud voice.”

Black Elk (Oglala Lakota)

Black Elk Oglala Lakota



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